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I have an appointment with College Network Rep. this week. I was wondering if anybody has graduated from the program. I am an LPN trying to get my RN. If anybody has any information I would... Read More

  1. by   laizure
    Beware, it has been confirmed that the LVN to BSN course offered by Indiania State University and Sonoma State University is still pending with the California Board of Registered Nurses. The board is to vote on approval/denial of the program on Feb 16th, 2007.

    Has anyone heard any other official information from the BRN about this program. It would be a real shame if the College network is taking advantage of this.

    Also, there is no official listings on either Indiana State or Sonoma state websites that I can find. It makes me wonder if this is really a fishy marketing campaign from the college network.

    Someone correct me with some more information and the I can verify!
  2. by   heartsalot28
    Hey Nurse Vida,
    I can't believe that CN can get away with this, I am sure this is not legal and I have a friend who is an attorney who will be looking into the contracts. I also wasted $3,500.00 on books that do not prepare you for the materials you are tested on, plus wasted and exam fee at pearson vue as I had no idea. I will keep you posted if we find any legal loop holes.
  3. by   Vida
    Yeah definetly keep me posted. I really feel like tcn is just taking advantage of excitement to fulfill dreams. What a crappy way to make a living.
  4. by   critter1972
    The College Network is like a bookstore for schools like Excelsior college. IF you need all 13 courses, there are 50 textbooks that you have to purchase and study from. the College Network is an alternative to the textbooks. They take all the information from the textbooks and research them and put all the information you NEED to know and put it into the study guide.

    i personally didn't have time to go through that many textbooks. Plus, i get academic support whenever i need it. The COllege Network has their corporate office in indiana and then they have an office in Vegas, so they can offer 15 hours a day of support.

    Plus, they guarantee my's in writing on my paperwork. If i fail an exam, after 2 tries, they will provide me with a tutor and pay for my testing fees.

    Now, i did find out that TCN does have actual partnerships with schools like Indiana State (LPN/LVN-BSN program), Regis University (RN-MSN or BSN - MSN), plus, they work with Boston and Cornell University. I mean these are actual if you call those schools they will confirm it...i did!

    With Excelsior, they don't partner with anyone, period. Plus, EC doesn't bother to tell you that you don't have to enroll into the school right from the beginning! you can take all of your general ed classes and the first nursing course BEFORE you have to enroll. if you enroll early and pay the enrollment fee, you have 12 months complete the whole program. otherwise, they whack you with a re-enrollment fee of about $420 for each year.

    My experience with The College Network has been great. Personally, i believe that going back to school is a personal decision and should be made without others putting places like this down. You get out of it what you put into it.

    For the lady who is made that she can't get out of her contract with TCN...what did you expect, really? I mean, you can't buy/lease a car, drive it for 6 months and decide, "nah, i don't want it any more" and want to give it back and get your money back. It doesn't work like that. What if you would have gone to a local school, got through half the program and still woudln't get your money back.

    going back to school either traditionally or online is a personal choice. You have to look at this as an investment in your future. I know that sounds silly, but if you pay $10,000 for the Excelsior program or $20,000 for the Indiana State's worth it. Once you finally get your ASN or BSN, you'll be making $15,000 to $20,000 more a year!

    You have to have the mind set of going back to school and make it happen for yourself. I mean, for example, you can either keep complaining about doing al the work and not getting paid for it, or you take the bull by the horns and do something about it.

    Compare it to a hate how you look in a mirror, you might feel chunky and unattractive, and you complain about it, but nothing stops you from shoving that doughnut in your mouth!

    you sometimes have to make slight sacrifices to make things happen in your life. I'm not coming down on anyone....i just encourage each of you to make an informed decision for yourself. Use this site as a means to talk about topics, but don't let a stranger dictate what you should and shouldn't do.

    do what's right for you....and good luck.
  5. by   laizure
    To me, it sound like the College Network will work well for YOU! You offered many pros to the program. I really think it is an individual choice. It is too bad that more people like you have not spoken out about there opinion on the College Network. You also said you hadn't started the program, so that is great that you have offered you opinion. Most of the posts about the college network is however from people who are already in the program and are offering there opinion about there success or failure. Some people like myself, want to do extensive research before taking a big step. I came to the conclusion that the College Network was not for me because of the these factors:

    1 - The per course (per book) charge is very expensive. I looked through one of the books they offered and saw very few pictures (some people are visual learners).

    My Alternative, to this? Why pay almost $500 when you can get it for much cheaper and get more for free. Example, lets take Chemistry. Search the Internet for a video course on Chemistry. Lets move it one more notch, Want to go to UC Berkley for free? UC Berkley is just one of many sites that offer all the real classes that regular in house students use totally online and for free. So the first step is to go to class. Feel free to visit and use this link. . You can even follow along in real time, buy the real college book and do the homework just like the students without really going to UC Berkley. Your like a phantom student.

    Part two of of section 1 - Why pay almost $500 when you can get the CLEP books for free. Major companies make the clep books and you can find reviews about them and see how they are working out for people from places like your Library or at The military uses the CLEP system quite widely, if you search you can find many clep books and study aids free online, example:

    2 - Why pay for college when you can get it for free. Many respected teachers love to share and help. So they make course online for free. These free programs are interactive, which means you can actually ask questions when you are stuck for a person with a Phd. Example:

    3- Gotta study right? There are hundreds of them on Google and yahoo. Many of which have been reviewed so you know if the books are useful or a waste of your time.

    4- You might say this is a lot of research to accomplish these items above. Well, Yes it is, and if you look online under "research and learning" you will find that hands on education makes the difference. By doing this you are tayloring a program to yourself, and making an online study program work and fit your lifestyle.

    5 - The college network offers a guarantee that you won't fail. And after a certain amount of times taking the exam you get a tutor. The fact here is, why are you failing? If you are trying to learn why not pass the first time. If you put in 100% why did you fail? Why wait to fail the test 3 times before you get a tutor. Get a tutor FREE now as they are available simply by searching yahoo or google. Many state libraries offer state funded programs.

    6 - A Contract! I don't want a contract. Lets face it, do you know if the college network is going to work for you? Why risk it, when you can do the above and risk little money and have No contract. If it doesn't work for you then you really haven't lost anything.

    7 - Books are heavy, They collect dust and hurt my back. I don't want to lug around books. This is the digital age. I want to put everything onto a USB stick or a laptop and take it with me. Not just 1 subject book. Try doing this with the College Network, you are going to hurt your back. These days most everything is available online in PDF format.

    8 - Study time. We all know that for every hour of school lecture time you need to put in 2 hours of study time. With the college network there is no lecture time, just the book. This may work for some but others....

    9 - Why limit yourself to one source of material. Why spend more and get less when you can spend less and get more!

    10- With my alternative I save upto $12000 and no contract.
  6. by   dijaqrn
    Anyone aware of the Ca BRN stance on LVN-RN through College Network in Ca. They are recruiting my co-workers heavily and this is alot of money for them.
  7. by   laizure
    According to Indiana State University, DR. Marcia Miller (email removed)

    The California State Board of Nursing approved the clinical arrangement
    with Sonoma State last Friday.


    I had spoken to the state previous to Friday and they told me they were going to vote on it.

    I want to make one statment here, the college network has nothing to do with this deal, they just a publishing company.
    The deal is between Sonoma State and Indiana State and the State of CA BRN.

    For more info, search "college network" on this website for important information and tips.
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  8. by   critter1972
    Regarding The College Network.....

    Yes, the agreement is with Sonoma State and Indiana State University. however, The College Network provides the study materials for the general education part of the program...Phase 1 and Phase 2.

    The agreement with Sonoma State and Indiana State is for the clinical part of the program only. That was the only way that this got passed in California.

    If you call Indiana State and ask them, "how do i complete the general eds?" they will tell you to call The College Network because there is an ACTUAL PARTNERSHIP between the two.

    You can even email the lady in the link above ....she will tell you.

    The study guides are geared to help you learn what you need to know for that course. ISU knows about TCN's passing rates, they have seen the guides and back TCN....what else do you need to understand?

    Now, someone was asking about the LVN/LPN-RN through The College Network. TCN provides the study materials for the ASN program through Excelsior College, but the state of CA doesn't recognize Excelsior. TCN's reps know this and wouldn't be enrolling students into that program from CA. they are probably looking into the ISU program not Excelsior.

    Again, it's up to each individual to make an informed decision as to what is best for many people put down other's opinions about what they should and shouldn't do.

    the time that most have spent complaining....could have started something and been done with it by now.

    Online study is a personal choice and some people aren't cut out for it. Some students need to be in front of a teacher telling them what to do, what to study, and when to expect an exam...instead of googling The college Network...go to their website and look at the schools and the degrees that they offer and work or indiana states website.

    Again, for those who had a bad experience or heard of a bad experience with this College Network....well, maybe it's because online study isn't for them and they didn't realize the work that it takes. You can't blame someone else for your failures. For a company to be in business for 14 years and who works with schools like Cornell University....they have to be doing something right. Did their reps hold a gun to your head and make you sign/enroll into school? Their reps can't make you study. you have to take responsibility for your own decisions and or failures. You get out of the class what you put in it. for those of you who think that all you have to do is read something once and that you're ready to take a test...well, that usually doesn't work. studying takes taking notes, highlighting things, making flashcards....that's studying.

    Whether you're in school locally or doing this online, you have to work at it to be successful. that's what seperates good students from bad students..that's the difference between studyiing and failing.

    now, i know that i made someone mad and i'm sorry. however, we are all just giving our opinions here and we can all take it for what it's worth. none of this is to be taken in anger...this is a sight, that i originally thought, would be available to help me through the program....not for defending our choices.

    I wish all of you luck in whatever, and however, you complete your degree.
  9. by   CLH87
    I have been thinking a lot about The College Network, and have actually met with a rep. I am currently an LPN and want to get my ASN or ADN (is there a difference?), and am currently enrolled in a local LPN-ADN program. The school I am attending is horrible! I got on tonight to do some research and have found quite a bit of info. Mostly bad....but then I found your thread....and if you don't mind, I would like to ask you a few questions...

    1. Are you currently enrolled with the College Network?
    2. I'm really worried about the 2 1/2 days of skills check-offs. What do
    you know about them?
    3. When I graduate, what college would I have graduated from? Excelsior
    or Indiana State University?
    4. I have a couple of friends who are also interested in this, but they are
    LPNs who have always worked in a physician's office (no 'clinical'
    experience). They are both worried about how they will do with the
    skills check-offs, how do you think they would do?

    I'm getting confused by all of the 'information' that is out there. I'm hoping that you can shed some light on this. Thanks!
  10. by   laizure
    Can I ask you a few of questions?

    What is the pass rate of your school? Listed with the state.
    How many students in your class?
    How many people pass your class tests? What is the highest passing grade?
    What is the cost?
    How far along are you in the program, how long do you have left?

    I been through a simular issue, however, stuck with it and got my degree in nursing, so I may be able to offer support.

    Look around, ask questions, read these forums and research before you make a decision on The College Network.
  11. by   KellNY
    Does anyone find it interesting that all but 3 or 4 of critter's 22 posts have been endorsements for the college network? Some complete with underhanded insults for those who didn't do well on the program or share negative stories of it.

    Hmmm--just something to ponder. And to take into consideration when taking his/her advice.
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  12. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from KellNY
    Does anyone find it interesting that all but 3 or 4 of critter's 22 posts have been endorsements for the college network? Some complete with underhanded insults for those who didn't do well on the program or share negative stories of it.

    Hmmm--just something to ponder. And to take into consideration when taking his/her advice.
    I have noticed the pattern with the aforesaid poster, too.
  13. by   critter1972
    i sent you a private message.