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LPN to RN help!!!!


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Hello everyone!!! I've been working at a local army base as a GS employee (LPN) for about 6 months now. I plan on starting a LPN to RN hybrid program next fall, and I should finish sometime in 2017. I was told recently by another nurse that I will have to quit once I get my RN license and apply for a job in the civilian sector for a year in order to apply for a federal RN position. Is this true??? Just wanted to see if any other former nurses have gone through this and can give me some guidance in what to do. Thank You!!! :)


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I meant to say any former Lpns who have gone through this process I would love to hear from. :)

jeckrn, BSN, RN

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I can not speak for the DOD but when I worked at the VA no LPN's had to quit and reapply as a RN. The only thing they had to do was wait for a RN position to open up. I can not see why it would be any different at a DOD facility. You need to talk with CPOL to find out what the rules are about switching from a LPN to a RN position.


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Thank u jeckrn! I will definitely go and speak with someone. I would love to stay in the system without having to leave and come back.

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Most GS RN jobs do require a year of RN experience. I know someone who had to work elsewhere for a year after she transitioned from LPN to RN.


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Hi! Yes it's true. I'm currently going through this struggle. I'm planning on returning once my year is up! Good luck.