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Hey All!

Looking for some advice/insight... I’ve been out of the work force for a few years (since 2017) stayed home to raise my kids. My youngest will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and I am now ready to get back onto the floor.

As Nursing is rapidly evolving & procedures always changing, I’m curious if any of you know of any available LPN Refresher courses? I graduated from Bow Valley College in 2011, but they do not offer anything, which is surprising to me. Norquest College in Edmonton has a program but currently it’s unavailable. I emailed the college and they couldn’t even provide me any resources.

The only option is to take the entire LPN diploma program over again, which is not an option. At first I thought, maybe this is the time to bridge to RN, but you can’t even apply without an active registration.

Feeling defeated & stuck right now with a serious lack of options.


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Are you required to refresher?


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I will be yes, as I don’t have my 1000 hours logged in the last 4 years due to being home with my kids. Apparently this is something that was implemented last year.


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The only course I know of is at NorQuest, and is probably not available due to covid.
I would contact the CLPNA and they be able to direct you.


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Hi there,

Just responding to your post because I’m in the same situation. I graduated from Bow Valley College in 2013, but I haven’t worked since 2016. I contacted Bow Valley College to find out if they had a refresher program, to which I was also surprised that they don’t.

I was thinking of just repeating the program again at Bow Valley, but it’s also not really a feasible option. It seems that NorQuest is the only option for a refresher. I’m hesitant about the distance learning and then needing to take up the clinical and practicums in Edmonton.

I really wish there were more options too. Anyways, I know this post wasn’t helpful to you but hello from just another fellow in the same boat!


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Hello. I’m sorry you’re in the same position. It’s definitely not desirable. Makes me regret wanting to spend a few early years my kids, which shouldn’t be the case.

I’m curious if you were made aware by the CLPNA of the 1000 hour change (within 4 years) made in 2019? I did not receive any kind of notification of it. No email, no formal letter, nothing. Had I known, last year I could’ve made sure I got my hours in. Now it’s too late.

Also, not sure if you’re aware but the Norquest refresher program is currently under review and closed. Bow Valley offered nothing to it’s domestic alumni. Which means there is NO Refresher course in Alberta for LPNs to even attempt to regain their license. This is a problem. ?


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I know how you feel. Had I known, I would have done the same as well.

There should definitely be more options. I hope they will in the future, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Where did you find that information out about the Norquest refresher program? I made a last minute application on April 10 and still received a confirmation. I’m wondering if it’s now just closed for this academic year.


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I emailed the college directly. This is the response I got on Wednesday.

Norquest College:

”The Practical Nurse Refresher program is currently under review and not taking applications.You will need to wait for the review to be completed and updated on the website.”

Bow Valley College:

“At this time, the refresher program (for those whose license has lapsed) is on hold until further notice. At this point we are unsure of when we may offer it. If the program is finalized then it will be advertised on our website so interested learners can apply. Sorry for any inconvenience.“

How did you manage to get a application in? I don’t even see the option on the website.


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At the time, there was an option open to apply for Spring 2020. I emailed Norquest to get clarification on their closure and it sounds like there won’t be a refresher program anymore. They were only able to provide limited information. They mentioned there was a possibility of having to be grandfathered into the full PN program.

I find that crazy how there are no options other than to pay for and repeat the entire PN program again. Did you try and contact the CLPNA about what else can be done?


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Make sure get in touch with CLPNA and voice your concerns via email. It’s so important they know this is a problem. We literally have no options.


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CLPNA doesn’t care. They do little to nothing to support their members. As it was explained to me years ago, CLPNA protects the public from their members, it does not protect the membership.

Concerns about the number of schools churning out new grads have been ignored. It’s all about membership fees creating revenue for the Coll


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Hi guys , there is lpn refresher course going on through lethbridge college in alberta.  Contact clpna  to refer you. 1st set is starting in fall. I have registered