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LPN Programs near Pittsburgh

Hi! I was looking into going to LPN school in the Pittsburgh area. I actually live north of the city. I was supposed to go to UPMC St Margaret and they closed the program. :( Was wondering if anyone else knew anything about any of the other programs around. I am currently looking at GJCTC in Monroeville. This program concerned me slighly b/c they appear to not be accredited by the NLN. Any thoughts or info is much appreciated! :)

Ccac does not have a lvn program anymore.

I was originally going to go to UPMC St Magaret's but they just did away with theirs. I took the test for ccbc although it seems quite competitive and I passed the test but didnt score super high. Looking at gjctc and pti as a last option (due to the cost). wondered if anyone had any opinions or experience with these or any others around?

At this point why not just try to go for RN. The RN market is already becoming difficult for Diploma RN's and ADN's so why go for an even lower credential in an area so heavily saturated in healthcare employees. I think they're getting rid of the programs for a reason.

I have to agree with leo, you should apply to ccac and shadyside for spring 13. I think pti is 18 months anyways, and your right the cost is way to much! There is anothe lpb program in jefferson hills, I have no idea what it is called though, it is through an adult education program. If you search google hard enough you will find it. If time is a factor for you, I would suggest st. margarets or ccac boyce campus for their fast track program, those both take 18 months. Goodluck!

St Margarets has a spring program too, Although I think theirs starts in march or something. Much better to go for an RN for only 4 more months of school. One semester of work, dramatic difference in opportunity.

Thanks for your input! Im not sure right now and am planning to apply for the rn program at st margarets for feb. GJCTC and PTI are both 12 month programs. I could bypass a few classes with both of them. The Rn program is 19 months and seems pretty intense but I know in the long run worth it!


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