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Hello, this is my first time posting here. I will be starting an LPN program at a small technical school next month. I was wandering if the fact that I will be getting my education from a technical school will have a negative effect on obtaining a job after graduation. The school is approved by my state's board of nursing. I am just worried that it will be harder for me to find a job than someone that has went to a university or community college. What does everyone think? Thanks! :)


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As long as you pass the NCLEX at the end, from what I've read and heard, no one will care where you get your education, or even what grades you got in school. Employers are looking for RN's and LPN's with good skills and a good work ethic. I'd also be willing to be the majority of new nurses entering the workforce today are educated at CC's. They are a wonderful resource! In fact, in my experience in my state, it is almost harder to get into a CC than a private college.

I know the CC's here are very good. Not only did I attend one for my pre-req's, but the private college I attend has programs for LPN's and RN's wishing to obtain a higher degree (BSN or RN in the case of LPN's) specifically from the CC system in our state.

Be proud of where you were educated! No matter where you get your nursing degree from, you worked HARD for it.


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I went to a technical school for my LPN and now that I am trying to get my RN - the credits didn't transfer to the community college - I had to re-take all those classes. I did not have any trouble getting a job after school - went to work directly in the dialysis unit. W/out any experience. Good Luck

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I am recently graduated (very recent.. ceremony is tomorrow night!) from a PN class @ a career & tech school/ vo-tech...etc. Many of the peple in my class already have jobs & going by previos classes, most, if not all, will have jobs within 6 mths after graduation. Good luck!!! :)


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thanks for the replies ... i feel better about it now :)


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I was briefly in an LPN program at a local technical college. Our school had 100% or close to it job placement rate. According to our instructor, our clinical work was more in depth (in terms of just making us do stuf over and over and pure hours of exposure) than the BSN program at our state college nearby and when we graduated our technical skills would tend to be better than the BSN grads. (not my opinion, this is what she told us) A big focus of the school, in any program, was to put out employees who knew their job and that the employer could send them back for retraining at no cost if they were found to be deficient. So...they worked us hard.

I didn't finish it, but I know those who did found getting work was not a problem.

I do agree with the poster that some courses might not transfer at all. If you could do your core work at a community college, you would not have to worry about taking English 101 or whatever over again if you decided to bridge to an ADN or BSN.



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I'm currently enrolled in an LPN program at a tech. college. Our program is the best around our area. I have friends who graduated from the class last year and they had a job by Jan. pending their board certification. Our class graduates in Dec. I plan to go during the middle of November to put in applications/resumes with hopes of having a job by Jan. It takes awhile to get hired where I want to work due to background checks and such. I've never been in a nursing program in a CC but have taken the pre-req's for the RN program at a local CC.


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