LPN program costs - is this too high?

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Wow, that's kinda high...I got accepted for the '04-'05 LPN(13 months) class and the cost is $4500....the ADN at my school is $12,500.


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Your decision will be time vs. money.

The cost of the program is a lot of money when you compare it to the costs of a community college, but you will be saving 3 years of time. How much more money will you earn as a LPN, compared to what you are earning now? Will it add up to $9,000, over 3 years time?

I would do a bit more research with the public college where you intend to complete your RN, and make sure you know the details of their LPN to RN program. If everything looks fine from their end, you'll be in good shape.

If it were me, I would do it. I think the $9,000 in loans can be handled, especially when you consider it will get you where you want to be, instead of your second best career choice.

I wouldn't worry too much about the entrance exam. If for any reason you did not pass, you can get a book from Amazon.com or your local library to review for the LPN/LVN entrance exam. You can study, then take the test again if you need to.

Good luck, let us know what you decide.


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There is a privately funded medical/technical school here that does MA and other types adn the MA program is like 11 - 15,000 so I'm sure that is similar. It is probably a profit agency, but hey if you get where you need to be go for it.

My RN program is 15 or 16 grand but its a 3 year night/weekend RN program (diploma) and is accredited. It does not include books, or equipment or unfiroms though. I had to pay for all that!


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PS - I agree, go with what feels good. Three years sooner and the ability to go from LPN to RN. Plus doing what you want to do as opposed to what you will settle for...I'd say roll with it!


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The maximum for the pell grant is 4050 for the year 2004-5

I know...I think I'm getting lucky here. Since the program starts 6/28, I apparently can get some of the money leftover from my last Pell Grant (the financial aid person told me their year runs from July to July). Then I will get this year's grant as well. And then, because the program is 13 months long, I will get another year's worth as well.

I was initially planning on going for it in September, but I guess doing it right away was a good choice, as far as money is concerned.

As an LPN, I will be making about three to four times what I was as a pharmacy tech (which at this point, unless I go to school, is the best I could hope for).

Thanks for all the input! I really appreciate it!

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My tuition is about $6500, with uniforms, stethoscope, etc. costing extra. It does sound like an awfully expensive school, but if you need to start making decent money for your family, then this may be the best option. Best of luck! :)


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Well the LPN program i hopefully( pass TABE and NET and was granted a interview on June 29) will be in IS privately run by a hospital ,it is 13 months with IV certification and the total cost with fee, uniform, book etc is $7200, so i guess $17, 000 is a bit much. I too had got in at a tech college, and total cost was 2200. I think, but it was 21 month and they up and decide to start the program in May with a one week notice. I was all prepared to go in August, so i ended up giving up my guaranteed spot because of this :angryfire. As far as me getting my RN, i do plan on doing that, but the way it works out here is that, no credit transfer, u just have to work for 1 year take all the pre req for RN program, u can test out some classes, it called MOBILE program. if going to get ADN u have one year,BSN 2 years, , In reality it is longer because u have pre req, which i plan on taking while working that 1 year before i can apply :) . Good luck with your decision

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