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LPN Orlando Tech

Does anyone have info on this school? Their website has not been updated so it says next day class January 2012. I would like to know how long, and when does the next class start? Any info would be great as well. Any other LPN schools in the area?


I looked into Orlando Tech but decided to go to Lake Tech instead. The main campus is in Eustis and they have a part-time class in Mascotte. I just started in April. I really like it so far even if the drive is further for me than O-Tech

What made you go to lake tech instead of orlando tech?

I liked the part time hours and days better at Lake Tech, and I wasn't comfortable with the area of town Orlando Tech is in considering I'd be in the part time evening class

I am halfway through the LPN program at O-tech. They offer a full time day class in in aug and January, and a part time evening class that is usually those times too, but it depends on if the class fills up or not. The day class is M-F 8-2:30 and takes 1 year to complete, the eve class is M-T 4-9 ( I think) and takes 18 months to complete. The website is probably correct and there are still spots open for the Jan class. It is best to call the school to find out when they offer an info session- that will let you know when/how to test and what you need to apply. Any more questions, feel free to ask me.

Ok overall do most people pass their exams or fail them? to they offer help to students? how many days do you go to clinical? what facilities can you pick from?

In my class most people pass. They require you to get 80 or above, anything less than that is failing. And yes, the teachers do offer tutoring time if needed, they are very helpful, they WANT you to pass. Clinical starts as 1 day/week, then 2, then at about 4 months in til the end it's 3 days/week. You don't get to pick where you go, but there are is variety- Health Central Park nursing home, Dr Phillips, Lucerne Hosp, Childrens first, Winnie Palmer, and I think a couple other places too.


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Very interesting..... I don't think this was the directive of this thread, but incase you were still considering going further ..... do any of these offer an LPN to RN A.D.N bridge !!??? possibly in 6 mnths to a year coming to do that, need to find out what there is and all about them... to make that choice...

@RHLPN13 Was the program hard?? How are the tests? Do they make it difficult and what do they consider passing? 70%?


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