Who went to school Fulltime in the morning and Fulltime work at night?Can you share?

  1. Hi,

    I was supposed to start an lvn program this month but decided that I'll start in january so I can save up more money. I told my admission representative that Im planning to study in january instead of this year and they said ok.

    School 7-2 work 3-1130

    How hard is it going to school fulltime and school fulltime.Your stories would be appreciated.Thanks
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I had a classmate who attended school from 8am to 3pm, slept during the evenings, and worked as a CNA from 11pm to 7am. She studied at work since the majority of the residents were sleeping at that time of night.

    Be aware that your clinical rotations will probably get in the way of your work hours. My school had weird clinical hours to accomodate the desires of the different facilities. One hospital refused to allow students during the day, so the clinical hours were from 3pm to 11pm. At another facility the hours were 6am to 3pm. I did some clinical rotations at a clinic and the hours were from 8:30am to 5pm. It all depends on when the particular facility is willing to accept students to do clinical rotations.

    Also, if this is a 1-year program, it will likely require intense studying. When are you going to find the time to read the textbooks and study for tests and quizzes? It's just some food for thought.
  4. by   mynameizjim
    hey commuter,

    Thanks for the reply I jst found a new job and will be starting this week.But im scared becuz I might get fired also if they find out that Im going to school in january and I definitely know that there wont be anytime to sleep since I'll prolly get home at around 1230 then start waking up by 6 am.meaning i have 4 hrs of sleep for 1 yr.Soundz crazy, Also I know that some clinical rotations goes frm 8-5 so I dont know if they'll let me do that.Hopefully something good will happen
  5. by   sandiesown
    I work full-time, have 2 boys ages 4,6, and go to PN class fulltime. LEt me tell you it is not easy. I had to change my work schedule and now am trying to get adjusted to it.
    My schedule is like:
    Sunday 7a-7p work
    Monday school 8am-12pm
    Tuesday work 7a-3pm boys have t-ball from 5:30-7:30 practice
    Wednesday school
    Thursday school 1pm-2:30 pm some t-ball games, switches between thur/fri
    Friday school 9am-12pm, then work 3pm-11:30pm
    Saturday morning clinicals at acute-care from 7am-1pm, then go to work at 7pm-11:30pm.

    Let me tell you it is very hard, cause I have meals to school, childrens homework in the afternoon, t-ball, and whatever else comes up.


    when October 24 gets here and we flip to Tuesday clinicals 7-1 at hospital, then I have to rearrange my work schedule again, since I am weekend opt. I now work Friday, and Saturday from 7pm to 7am and 2 nights a week 11pm to 3am. Until I go to OB, then I have 4 wks of clinical rotation and have to change it again.
    BUT HEY I HAVE TO Work and I HAVE TO go to school. YOu got to prioritize things.

    Hope this helps,
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  6. by   mel1213
    I had to go to school M-W from 6:30 to 2:30 and drive about a half hour to get there. Than on Thurs and Fri we had school from 8 to 3:00.
    When i first started I was bartending, Wed, Thurs, and Sat and Sunday nights. It was extremely difficult to work until about 2:30 sometimes 3 in the morning and go home and get up early in the morning and do it all over again. NOt to mention that I have a four year old son, well he was two at the time.
    I than had to stop bartending because it was way to hard, I had no time to study or to spend time with my son. So I got a part time job working from 4-10 which was just as hard because I had to come home from school and than go right to work. I took a severe pay cut, I started to work at a Personal Care home just to get some experience.
    I was really tired all the time and I felt bad because I could not spend all the time I wanted to with my son. But I did it!!!:spin:
    It was worth it because I came out a nurse!! Now I just have a problem finding a full time job that is dayshift!!! But it is definitly worth the hard times.
    I had a CNA that would work 3-11 and was going to school during the day as well. She had it hard because she worked full time, i dont think she ever got a day off!! But she survived as well.
    You can do whatever you put your mind to. NO pain No gain. and believe me the outcome is worth it!!! Good luck!!!!
  7. by   midcom
    I started just over a month ago & the students who are trying to work full time are the ones who are struggling in class. They just don't have time to study as much as needed & when they do, they are exhausted. From what I read, you'll have from 11:30 PM to 7:00 AM to sleep & study as well as any other outside responsibilities. Will that be enough?
  8. by   Deac Jn
    Just my experiences...I went to school last year at night after work. Tough but it seems like acient history now. Now I am in the clinical year and go to school M - F 8 am - 230pm. Then go to work 330pm till work is done late at night ( I work in admin at my place of employment).
    This is a very difficult thing to do. most of my class mates have changed their work sched and work doubles on the weekends and not work during the week.
    Like all nursing students, what ever your schedule, we are always exhusted!
    There are times when its just a grind and you just have to do it. Sorry for the pity party here! There is however some light at the end of our tunnel as we graduate in march 2007.
    Having an understanding employer really helps. Use your vacation time wisely and take time when you need it and yes you can do both.
    Hope that helps. Got to go back to study now ( I study on my meal breaks at work, Pharm. test coming next week.)
  9. by   praeclarus
    my boyfriend was on his first year of BSN when he was working full time as a call center agent. he was actually an irregular student, taking up major subjects of the first year and some minor subjects of the second year. He was in school from 7am-6pm and at work from 8pm-5am..sometimes 9pm-6am. He barely got through the year and was near failing. As you can see, i'm not really suggesting it. But your schedule's doesn't sound that bad. So it really depends on you...If you really need the money, then you can juggle both your school and work..If others can do it, why can't you, right??
  10. by   luv4nursing
    would it be possibe for you to work as a cna in home health? If I had it to do all over again thats what I would have done during school. I worked about 30 hours a week during LPN school and it was pretty exhausting but I made it. I knew ppl in my class who worked as a home health aid or caregiver and they could study while at work plus it wasnt stressful like a facility would be.

    Or, u could try to see if u could do a baylor program or something where u can work 3 12s over the weekend or two 16s and sometimes they will pay u for 40 hrs. Explore your options.

    Im working in home health as an LPN and plan to stay in it while I get my RN bc it is so easy and nonstressful and I am able to get alot of studyng/schoolwork done while Im at work. It works out well.
  11. by   emllpn2006
    I went to school last year and worked full time. My school was from 7:45 am-3:15 pm mon-fri and I worked from 4:00pm-12midnight tues-fri and 11:00am-12 midnight on Sat. My only day off was on sunday when I would read and study for all the tests that were scheduled for the next week. At first I did not think I would ever be able to graduate but I did and my lowest grade overall was a 87% in anatomy. In the end I was glad that I did this becouse 3 weeks before graduation my employer locked the doors and moved out of state with no notice leaving over 400 people with out a job. Thanks to my hard work I knew I would be able to get a LPN job right out of school making twice the amount I was making. While all my coworkers were worried about fighting to find a equaly paying job in my area. This also made me realize that no job is guarenteed to be there tommarow but when you are a nurse there will be a job somewhere.
  12. by   sandiesown
    I am going into second semester of LPN in January. I posted my work/class schedule above, then I read through some of the others. Gosh I don't know how some of you do it.
    And YES, it is true. Nursing school is like a jealous mistress, you got to study, study, study. And there are some who barely make it through because they have to work. Well I have to work full-time, my children are 4 and 6 years old, and my husband is not much help. But I have a A in Nursing 101, and got a 100 on dosage calculation proficiency exam.
    I think it depends on yourself, an dnot what everyone else is doing. You have to prioritize things. I depends on how bad you want it, to how good you will do. If you read, study material, listen in class, apply it in clinicals, then you can do it. Anyone can.