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For all of you who are wearing a white uniform for clinicals...what is the best color for undergarments? My school says white...but every time I have worn white under white it has shown through. Any... Read More

  1. by   Kikikins
    I wear undershirts under my whites so there's no undergarments visible -and- extends the life of your whites.

    Now if only I could keep my clogs white!
  2. by   WahineMakai
    I have specific underwear that's worn on clinical days (that would sound super weird to anyone NOT in nursing school ) -- I have nude-colored, a couple of white pairs, and a very light grey with light pink trim. None of them show through. However, I did buy Koi pants specifically because they were less see-thorough than some other brands, AND they have the back pockets, which camouflages whatever underwear I've got on. It also helps that my scrub top is kind of long, and my pants are fairly loose on my bum. I notice that the girls who like to wear their pants tighter (which I do not understand; this is nursing school, not going to the club) have a harder time with their skivvies showing through.
  3. by   sharonp30
    Quote from ndavis1672
    Our program requires white or nude full backs. Our nursing handbook specifically states no thongs or other colors.
    Now isn't it sad that they have to tell the students not to show their booty at work?
  4. by   BostonFNP
    I think it's crazy that schools can/do tell people what to wear under their clothes.

    Not to be TMI, but I made it through rotations with nothing under my scrubs and felt fine about it.