Please help me !!!!

  1. Hi I'm new on this but I need help basically I'm horrible in math and I'm trying to register online for the Lpn entrance exam with the doe for feb 10 2013 where can I get help like a tutor
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  3. by   yaboyku
    Hello, there are alot of online sites that are very good. The one I recommend the most is Its a progressive website learning program that gives you a test to see where you are and then will help you build on what you do know. Only catch after the initial i think 36 hr pass there is a fee. If your willing to pay it is more than worth it. There are alot of free websites too like that are pretty good aswell. I dont remember the entrance exam so much but for pharm math and the math portion of school in general was basic addition, subtraction, conversions of decimals into percentages, adding subtracting multiply and dividing fractions, and converting measurements. I know it seems like alot but as long as you have the foundation it will simply build on each other. Thats why I recommended the first web site because that is exactly what that site does. Good Luck!!
  4. by   x_factor and Khan Academy video's online, just google Khan Academy.
  5. by   skevar
    Thank you so much I will check them out
  6. by   pookyp
    Khan academy.
  7. by   skevar
    Thank you so much I will
  8. by   mzthang2260
    When I took the cnet for the doe lpn program I believe there was an option for purchasing a study guide. I took it a while back but i still have the c-net study booklet in my house.The booklet has all the parts that you will see on the actual test( reading, math, etc) you will be able to see exactly what the math questions will look like.