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Hello everyone! I'm very excited to be on I will be starting schooling for my LPN Jan 7th. I'm currently an MA so I'm hoping that will help me a little.... Read More

  1. by   student forever
    January 7th is a day we shall all remember in years to come!!! Good Luck everyone, and be sure to post your progress once in a while during the next year. We probably won't have much time to chat, but it will be interesting to hear how you're all doing. We are all like a long-distnace classroom here on allnurses!

    We have 4-5 weeks off during the summer... that will be a welcome break for sure!! Then we start back in August, just like the school year for the kids. Classes end in Dec. Seems like a looooooooooooooooooong way away today, but it is going to fly by I am told.
  2. by   Cmcorley
    I start Jan 7th also in Vacaville career for me, cannot wait! So excited to get started!
  3. by   Yuvonne
    Cmcorley are you going to Blake Austin?
  4. by   Yuvonne
    I'm going in Vacaville as well.
  5. by   kgilmore
    Congrats! I have been a LVN since 1988... Back in school for RN because absolutely no one hires LVNs anymore!!!!! It would be worth it to just do your RN! I sure do wish I had!!
  6. by   soldierswife76
    I start January 28 and I'm also an MA. I've been an MA for 16 years and I'm hoping that my experience makes it just a little bit easier
  7. by   Cmcorley
    Yuvonne Yes I am going to Blake Austin and I think I remember you? Were you in front row? We should go to coffee or something before start date! Would be nice to know people!
  8. by   Yuvonne
    Hi! Yes I was sitting in front . its not allowing me to message you back cause i havent posted 15 topics. lol im still new to this whole allnurses website. I live on Travis AFB. Yes I have been an MA for 7 years. I'm hoping some things come easy as well. My commute takes about 10-15 minutes from base so I'm pretty close too. I would love to meet for coffee. When is a good time for you?
  9. by   Yuvonne
    Oh wow you're really close! I don't work so anytime is good for me too. Are you going to work while going to school? Which day did you choose for your long day? I chose Thursday. I'm excited and nervous. Ready to get going but hoping I can get thru it all lol. Did you get your white shoes and everything?
  10. by   Yuvonne
    Sorry I'm trying to send you a message but its still being a pain about me posting 15 topics lol. Is there another way I can message you? You can email me at
  11. by   Babygirlivy
    Hi guys. I am in LVN school, only 2 months left! Wooooo hoooooo. I was an MA 1st. It will DEFINITELY help! Mostly because of all of the medical terminology and root words that you have learned. Also, the A&P you learned will be kind of like an overview. Good luck to u guys! Enjoy the process. And when it gets tough, remember WHY you want to become a nurse.