Lvn Prerequisites???? What Are They???? - page 2

Can anyone tell me what the usual pre-reqs are for an LVN to receive their Associates Degree. and this might be a stupid question. But how would you right your degree once you receive it... Read More

  1. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I had to take college english, drug calc, psyche, life span, AP one and two, micro, and I believe thats it ! I've also completed some other prereqs for my RN and have a few more to go !
  2. by   dramakid
    Hello, I am trying to find a good college that has lvn programs, now I have found the western career college here in california, and it seems to have a good program my question is what are the prerequesites for the program?
  3. by   scorpiogrl7
    We had to take Nutrition, A&P 1&2, a computer course, and Analytical Thinking & Reasoning before starting our actual nursing classes. Pharmacology gets thrown in with the 3rd quarter nursing classes, too.
  4. by   rnwannabe77
    My community college didn't require any prerequisites for the LPN program, except for the Accuplacer Test, which is also required for the RN program. The LPN program I am in now is a 2 year part-time certificate program.
  5. by   Iridescent Orchid
    Pre-reqs will vary to some degree throughout all community colleges - but I have had to take Basic Mathematics, Writing, SCT100 (computer class) and now taking A&P and Psychology and then I'm done. You may be able to go to the website for the school of your choice and find out what they require you to take prior to becoming program ready.