LPN student to start in 2 weeks...questions and opinions please!

  1. Hi I'm about to start my LPN program in 2 weeks *squeal*!!! I am wondering if anyone has any tips on getting through the first couple of weeks and also if the flu shot is worth it? I am sort of against vaccines as I believe they really don't help at all. However, I would like opinions on whether or not I should get the flu vaccine this year. Thanks!
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    You may not have much of a choice about the flu vaccine. Some schools require them and the only acceptions for not getting it is a documented allergy to the vaccine or possibly a religious reasons against the vaccine.

    I cannot take the vaccine due to having a horrific reaction to it. My doctor supplied written documentation about it and his advice that I never get the vaccine. My school accepted the documentation however, the clinical sites required that I wear a mask on the floor when I would be within a certain number of feet of potential patient contact. I had to wear the mask during the CDC's 'flu season'.
  4. by   I♥Scrubs
    Our school did not require the flu vaccine, however, they HIGHLY suggested it as the clinical sites wanted us to have them done in order to be with clients. You are not only thinking about yourself, but the residents as well. For the first couple of weeks....stay on top of the work. Don't get behind. That seems to be the biggest problem my class has. Five weeks in and my overall gpa is 95.4. However, I study all the time, and read ahead before we do the chapters in class, that way the teacher is just going over things I already read about and that I am already familiar with. Also don't stress out, just relax, it's normal to be worried and nervous because this is totally new to most people. Try to make friends also, we have a great group going of people and we do a lot together. We study together (if we can't meet in person we use skype and quiz one another online) we also do our skills for lab on each other so we have a variety of body types. It helps to have someone to talk to who is going through the same thing you are, that you can ask for help, or help them even. Good luck!
  5. by   nekozuki
    The thing you must understand is that vaccines aren't for you. They are for the vulnerable, immuno-compromised patients you'll come into contact with. Plus, wearing a mask while dealing with patients can cause anxiety and a host of other problems. "Am I diseased? Is this nurse afraid to touch me because I'm so disgustingly sick? What's wrong with me?" Bite the bullet and get the shot. Besides, those masks make your face sweaty and uncomfortable as hell!
  6. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Get the shot! I was terrified of it for so long for dumb reasons. None of my jobs required it till my current one. My advice is dont do the flu mist, do the shot. I had one day of being slightly achey and tired but that was it. And for your first couple of weeks just relax and focus. Take notes, get organized, and make friends with the students who are serious about it so you can be study buddies.
  7. by   ArieElizabeth
    Thanks everyone. I am probably going to get the flu shot in the next couple weeks here. Thanks for all your support.