LPN schools in Florida - page 2

Does anyone know any good LPN programs in the central florida area? If anyone can tell me their experience in the program.. I would greatly appreciate it and also are there any private schools that... Read More

  1. by   gianna2525
    I am re-locating to wst palm beach and just got my certificate as a cna.I am wanting to find a school around the area where i can get my pre-req's done and from there go into an lpn program and bridge into the rn program. many people tell me to go for it and get my rn without lpn? i am confused because i am 33yrs old and i know i cannot go through all that schooling without working. can anyone tell me if i am making thr right choice? and if so what school would you recommend. thanks
  2. by   crodriguez
    well, im glad i found a message board that protains to what im lookinf for. I live right now in New jersey and looking into moving down to florida. Im starting my classes now in new jersey with only one class to go to start up my clincal.
    I want to know before i start really thinking about moving the million dollar question. HOW MUCH DOES A LPN MAKE DOWN IN FLORIDA?
  3. by   red2003xlt
    Lively Technical Center in Tallahassee.
  4. by   prisxoxo
    Well my school is in miami but at Lindsey Hopkins the LPN program costs about $5,000 and there's no wait list, no pre-reqs.