Looking for LPN schools in Michigan/Ohio

  1. 01-09-2013

    do anyone know a LPN school with no waiting list. I just graduate from OCCC with my degree in Science, but I was placed on the waiting list for the Nursing program due to GPA, any information will help. I work at Concentra, so I have had my Hep B shots, TB test, Background check. Also, do I have CNA certification in order to attend LPN school in Ohio?

    Please help time is ticking.

    Thanks to all!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    There are a bunch of LPN programs with no waiting lists. Most of them are private.

    Where are you located?
  4. by   kimberly48219
    I am located in Detroit, Michigan. I am looking in the Michigan or Ohio area. Do you know of any?
  5. by   TipToeLPN
    In the Cleveland,OH area Central school of practical nursing has a class starting in April 2013, Cuyahoga Valley Career Center has a class starting August 2013. These are probably the least expensive at $11,000-$13,000. Then you have Brown Makie, ATS, Hondros and Willoughby Tech. I don't know how much they are but the have classes starting this year with no waitlist.
  6. by   cherrypoptart25
    I live in Ohio and go to Cuyahoga Valley Career Center mentioned above it is a great school and the have full-time in Aug and Part-time in Oct. You do not have to have a CNA to go to this school. Just a GED and fill out their paperwork. They are located in Brecksville,Oh and are not far from the highway so it is not hard to find.
  7. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    There are a few LPN schools near Detroit. I go to Everest in Southfield and it is a good program, but very pricey and competitive to get into. There is no waiting list, they begin programs 3 times a year. There is a test you have to pass and you have to compete with other scores, so it's important to score high. There is Detroit Business Institute and Riverview Institute too. A lot of people from Detroit go to school in Toledo too. Athena and Toledo School of Practical Nursing, both in Toledo.
  8. by   JustLikeYou87
    Here in the Metro Detroit area you have NexCare (they just started accepting financial aid), Everest, DBI and Dorsey. In Toledo there's: PSI, TSPN, Athena and Brown Mackie (it's actually in Findlay). I understand your urgency so hopefully this helps just remember to research whether they are approved by the State. I couldn't wait around to get in an RN program in MI so I'm commuting from MI to OH for my PN program.
  9. by   granolatrees
    I know this is belateed, but Davenport - Midland is desperately trying to fill LPN seats.
  10. by   Jcgirl
    Eastern Gateway Community College has a one year LPN, the cost is under 6k
  11. by   jddm163
    I'm in that class.... great school so far... lots of work
  12. by   jddm163
    northcoast in Kent Ohio, central in independence Ohio and there is a new school downtown Cleveland.... it may be Lincoln institute... forties also has a pn program, Willoughby tech and the infamous ats
  13. by   roseK32
    I realize this is old..but justlikeyou..how is your commuting going? How exactly does that work? Do you commute every day for class? I am a medical assistant and I am considering doing the same thing. Im in Kalmazoo and everything here has a very long wait list. I am just waiting and waiting after doing all of my pre req's. What school do you go to? Thanks!!!!
  14. by   JustLikeYou87
    Sorry Rose for the very long wait lol. The commuting is not bad at all. I make it to Toledo in 35-45 mins. Remember you can always carpool if someone is near your route (which saves a lot of money). For the 1st level you can just go three days a week but that only applies if you have taken A&P and nutrition. The other levels (there's four total) you commute everyday with clinical a twice a week.