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I've been in my LPN program for a couple of months. In my program, I was the senior citizen at 49 years of age. As our program is very rigorous and moves at a fast pace, I was able to excell in the... Read More

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    Quote from Watsurf
    No, my life has steadily gone down hill from there. I returned to my old profession after semi-healing, only to get severely injured, need extensive neck surgery, and then get let go after the requisite time that they wouldn't get busted for throwing a workman's comp person out on their ear. . My money has run out, nobody is hiring at all, and I'm one step from being homeless. For all those naysayers that blasted me in this thread and passed judgment, I hope that you are doing better than I am. Remember that karma is a ***** and you will someday be on the receiving end. I just hope that people treat you better than you treated me.
    Hang in there.