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Hi everyone. Iam looking into the kaplan college in sacramento lvn program that starts in october. I went for the tour already and passed the first test. What i was wondering was does anyone have any... Read More

  1. by   Kaligirl02
    I'M at work so idk what is says. My mom just said that is said cograts and I've been pre accepted. I get off at 4:30 I'll write why it says then. What does urs say?
  2. by   Kaligirl02
    Applemom- did u talk to carol? I got her voicemail :-(
  3. by   applemom83
    conditional acceptance blah blah, here are requirements (and then it lists cpr, immunizations, that stuff.
  4. by   applemom83
    yes i talked to carol, and will be going in tomorrow
  5. by   Kaligirl02
    Applemom- what did she say?
  6. by   applemom83
    She just told me what time to come in, and that
    I'd get paperwork for physical stuff and also enroll. Then my rep called me and said I'd meet with financial aid too.
  7. by   Kaligirl02
    So i go meet with her tomorrow at 5pm. Im sooo excited!!!
    cookie- it doesnt say anything impotant. Just " congrats on you condt. acceptance 2 the VOC Nursing pro. You've shown intrest our support team yadda yadda yadda. I need certain documents by first day of class. Sound similar?

    Thankfully i have a,c,&e done already. Have a dr's appt on wed and will take my drug test shortly. ahhhhh im happy!

    We're on the home stretch now ladies(gents)!!!!
  8. by   Jen7090
    I got my letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   Cookie2theRescue
    Ashlie - Thanks so much for posting that info. It's a different letter just as I thought.
  10. by   Jen7090
    OK I just called I go in at 2pm tomorrow. I'm felling better about this! LOL
  11. by   Kaligirl02
    cookie- what does urs say?
  12. by   applemom83
    Hey jen I bet I'll see you, I'm supposed to go in at 2 as well!
  13. by   Kaligirl02
    luckies!!!! i wanted to go @ 2 as well but i have a full clinic schedule.. so 5 it is!!

    applemom. did your letter sound like mine?