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kaplan college sacramento

Kaligirl02 specializes in NICU( RN), Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

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hey ashlie!! i can't figure out how to write you back in a message!! how is school going?

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Cannot share personal email address in public forum

pagandeva2000 specializes in Community Health, Med-Surg, Home Health.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a safe and loving new year as well as wish success in your scholastic endeavors. Just a friendly moderator reminder to not place personal email addresses or any personal information in public forums. While we do wish to promote a lively, interactive and supportive environment, we have to be mindful that we really are communicating anonymously and must use discretion while posting on any internet forum.

In order to send a private message (PM) or email a message to a member, please refer to the top of the thread of the person you wish to communicate with and look for where you can contact the person either private message (which can be utilized once the person as well as yourself has 15 posts on allnurses) or email. This way, the communication can still be done privately without either party giving up personal information unless they choose to.

Thanks, and enjoy posting!

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