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kaplan college sacramento


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so what has happened to the sacramento folks?

have they entered the deep, dark kaplan black hole, never to be seen or heard from again?

or perhaps they've been brainwashed and sworn to secrecy?

or maybe they're inundated with school and homework and aren't able to spare even a single second to share their first days of school?

LOL...that is great! I'm sure they are very overwhelmed. Hope you guys are doing great...send us a sign!!

the first week was hard. not much sleep and a lot to absorb

amen to that dupek! who are you in the class? pm me if you want...are you studying hard this weekend?:)

yes i believe home health.

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soooo....has kaplan in stockton started? curious to see how stockton people are getting along and enjoying their program. we are very busy here in sac!

stockton starts this coming monday but I will not be joining them. I was accepted but they only notified me the week before TG. after repeated calls, the timing, and general frustration with dealing with kaplan, I declined.

DH also thought they were unorganized. timing is better for a start after the first of the year. I have been accepted at another nursing school in stockton and start on jan 4th.

besides, the color of kaplan's uniforms are royal blue :uhoh3: - definetly not my color. the other school's are forest green. much better! :loveya:

in all seriousness, the sac folks haven't added much to this thread. what are you working on? must be mega-busy! how much time do you spend studying each day?

hey ashlie!! i can't figure out how to write you back in a message!! how is school going?

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Happy New Year!

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