Just passed the TABE test! (La Puente)

  1. I took the TABE test yesterday for La Puente adult school for their LVN course. Let me say it was really easy. Even though it was timed test; I didn't have a problem with it at all. Especially with the reading portion, if I didn't know the answer by skimming over the answer key I just moved onto the next problem, and came back to it when I had time.

    Math was simply just addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Know your fractions, percentages, and decimal points! There were a few geometry questions, maybe 2-3 at max. One of them was finding the circumference of the circle. There weren't any word problems from what I can recall.

    Reading, it was pretty much straight forward. Some of the passages were long but as long can read fast / skim you should be okay.

    Spelling, one of my worse subjects back in the day. The correct answer stuck out like a sore thumb. My suggestion is to write out the word on your scratch paper and then choose your answer. I remember one word that I stumbled on, Breviary.

    I scored 12.9 on 4 of the tests and 12.4 on the other one. Make sure you double check your answers if you have spare time. Well, time to start studying my anatomy and physiology!
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  3. by   pnkgirl25
    That's awesome! I applied for this school but couldn't pass the math. The reading and everything else was easy the math jacked me up. I'm happy you got in, I hear it's a great program.
  4. by   WideOpenHeart
    Congrats - and thanks! I used your advice on the test to prepare for the TABE (in three days, btw), and it was invaluable.

    So happy for you - and so appreciative that you took the time to share info on the test!

    I would add (for people prepping to take the test): be sure to firm up on your negatives and positives (i.e. a negative times a negative, a negative divided by a positive, etc.)

    Again, congratulations and best of luck in nursing school!

  5. by   WideOpenHeart
    pnkgirl25, just study more and try again.

    For most people, on most tests, math scores are the most amenable to change - by that, I mean that studying for the math portion is likely to reap you big rewards.

    Reading/Language Arts scores are tougher to change - take more time.

    I don't know about your school, but the LPN program in my area provides you the opportunity to take classes and re-test if your first scores aren't sufficient... as long as you take the (first) test in time.

    If no other options are available, don't give up (if nursing is your dream).

    Enjoy the upcoming year, study, take math prep classes if you can, and re-take the test.
  6. by   mebe5
    Did they give you the formulas for volume, etc. on the math section?
  7. by   E-commerce
    I take the TABE test at La puente adult school for the second time April 10, 14. Anyone applying for July program?
  8. by   jandrade23
    Ill be taking the test as well. I took it back in 2011 i think it was and failed horrible at the math. Good luck
  9. by   E-commerce
    I passed the math 12.1 on one section and 12.9 on the other. It was the reading comp I didn't do so well. English class wasn't my thing even in high school. I LOVED math though. Now I'm scheduled to take the accuplacer test to get into a community college.
  10. by   Dnsantana
    Hi sr20alex I applied here for the January '15 class I passed the tabe and now have the pre vn on Thursday. was wondering if you can give me any insight on what to expect or any tips for the class?? Thanks so much!
  11. by   E-commerce
    DnsantanaCongratulations. I just completed the pre vn and had an interview last week. 30 students prequalified and only taking 14 students for the program. Letters are sent out around Thanksgiving. I'm super nervous and hope to get an acceptance letter.
  12. by   Dnsantana
    @tasha92337 congrats and good luck! What program is that for?
  13. by   E-commerce
    Thank you. Lvn program.
  14. by   berlin90031
    hello i have been trying to get into that program for a while is there any advice? Everyone keeps telling me to give up.