Is lvn school hard?

  1. I wanted to know if the program is tough?
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  3. by   Archerlpvn
    Depends on the school, your work ethic, and how natural nursing concepts, theory and skills come to you. Lots of people do just fine, others excel and yet others struggle and some of those fail.
  4. by   caliotter3
    It is not easy like high school if that is what you are looking at. Some people take the bare minimum in high school to get their diploma, no calculus or physics if you know what I mean. You will have to study every day. There is intense pressure on a daily basis to get all of your reading and assignments done. When you don't understand something you can't just hope it seeps in, you have to be proactive in asking your instructors questions. You need a solid foundation in math and science. Do some looking around and reading on this site, what goes for RN school pretty much goes for LPN/LVN school too.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Is the LVN program tough? If you ask five different people, you will probably receive five different answers.

    A student's perception of whether the program is 'tough' depends on his/her intellectual horsepower, learning style and previous schooling experiences. Some will think the program is difficult. Others will think it is a cakewalk.

    Unfortunately, half of all adults in the US have some deficiencies in basic reading, writing and math skills, so I conjecture that people whose basic skills are rusty might struggle in LPN programs. You need basic math skills to perform dosage calculations. You need solid reading comprehension skills to read and understand the chapters in your textbooks.

    In other words, "tough" is subjective. Some students insist it is difficult and others do not. Good luck to you!
  6. by   jtboy29
    It's difficult and requires a great deal of commitment but it's extremely doable if you put your mind to it. I just finished my LVN program last Friday and I a graduate this Friday. I can tell you that I had to changed how I studied and prepared myself after getting a 76 on my first three exams in Fundamentals. I knew LVN school was going to be difficult but did that stop me? Nope. When you want something bad enough and want to make a better "You" then you will do all it takes to get what you want. Like a poster said, people's perception of LVN school or RN school vary from person to person however; it all centers around it being stressed in terms of studying every day, always doing something whether it be practicing questions, reading chapters, writing notes, etc. There is not one day in LVN school that you're not doing something. At times you will be thinking "How am I gonna get this done in this amount of time?". That's where Time management comes into play because you are expected to get the most out of everything.
  7. by   Firefly1009
    I am in my third semester and I can say it is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my 37 years of life!! One thing to remember is that LIFE still keeps going even though you are a nursing student. I say this to say if nursing is something you REALLY want to do???? Get rid of any personal distractions like any crazy boyfriends or people that will hinder your progress!! You will need your most of your energy for nursing school and you only want to be surrounded by people who are going to support you not hinder you.