how many credit hours is lpn school?

  1. just need to know, how many credit hours lpn school is after your all done and graduated,
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    It depends on whether the LPN school is properly accredited.

    In my home state of California, LVN schools only need to be state-approved by the Bureau of Postsecondary Education. LVN schools don't necessarily need to be accredited in California; however, many are.

    If your LPN school is state-approved only, the curriculum might not count for any credit hours whatsoever. Rather, the state-approval will only permit you to take NCLEX upon completion of the program. The disadvantage to state-approved schools is the possibility that RN bridge programs may want you to start from scratch.

    If your LPN program is also accredited, the curriculum will often count as one year's worth of credit hours (30 or so units). Most RN bridge programs will accept LPNs as advanced-placement students if they graduated from accredited LPN schools. Your home state may have differing rules.
  4. by   STRESSED SPN
    I'm not sure exactly how many total but I am in my first semester and am taking 19 credit hours.
  5. by   S.N. Visit
    The Pn program at my c.c is 42 credit hours .
  6. by   Ariel70113
    at the school that I want to attend..there program is 30 credits
  7. by   Little Panda RN
    I live in North Dakota and my LPN program is 63 credits. It is an associate of applied science program