how are you graded at clinical?????

  1. at our clinical you get "S"."NS" and now they have added "NI". we all start 100points you need 80 to pass. if you are late 2 points for each 15 minutes, care plans, leaving the floor etc. they have also added we are not aloud to leave the floor we are assigned (lucky for us cafeteria is on the same floor) and no going outside for ANY reason.
    I bust my butt at clinic along with about 3 others - I have 3 patients assigned to me and one other student has 3 the rest have 2. we hit the floor at 3:30, get report, give 1600- 2100 meds, do assessments and vitals and any treatments.

    now heres the thing we have one classmate who takes FOREVER to do anything. takes one hour to an assessment on 1 patient and 45 minutes to pass meds on 1 patient, i kid you not!!!! he/she walks around so unsure of what he/she is doing. but he/she always gets an "S". does anybody else have this situation at their site?

    I really have nothing against this student, but I believe a "NI" should be given so they realize in the real world this amount of time just won't work its not fair to them they need to know the truth. sometime it seems they will pass anybody as long as the school gets the money.
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  3. by   Soup Turtle
    It's probably not any of your business how the other students are graded. Speed is not the most important thing when it comes to passing meds...especially for a student. :uhoh21:

    I stay way too busy in my clinicals to spend time picking other students apart.
  4. by   linzz
    When I did my clinical time, our teachers were quite adament about being careful with meds as in following the five rights. Mistakes do happen but most clinical teachers feel very responsible when mistakes with med administration happen and esp. if a patient is harmed. A student in our program years ago made a med error and tried to cover it up. This lapse in judgment almost got her thrown out of the program. We too were graded by satisfactory, unsatisfactory and needs improvement.
  5. by   donsterRN
    There are too many things in clinical to accomplish; one of them, though, is NOT worrying about how someone else is graded. It doesn't affect you, and I think you're spending way too much time on it. Please don't. Just concentrate on getting the best clinical experience you can, study hard, KNOW your stuff, and get out. Clinical experiences are learnng experiences, and the experience will change for you after graduation. Then the "real world" education begins! This person, if he/she successfully completes the program, will be his/her employers problem. Still not yours.

    Much good luck!
  6. by   SW_07
    During my clinicals we were given an actual grade. And everything was graded from whether or not we had on nice clean scrubs with all of our gear at clinicals to our careplans. We had a student in our clinical group that had been caught several times sleeping during a clinical. A few people were so upset that this person was still allowed to stay in the program. Like one of our professor's said "Don't worry about other people, this is all building up for the N-CLEX and people like that will not pass." And that person did not pass the N-CLEX. I understand that it is aggravating when you feel you are working so hard for something and it seems like other people aren't doing the same. But those people who work hard are the ones who will recieve the rewards,like your license.
  7. by   linzz
    I just had another thought about this thread. I think that when you get out working, you will have to deal with all types of people, some you will like and some you won't so in a small way clinical experiences will prepare you for this. I don't know how far along you are but as the other posters said, jump right in and try to take advantage of every single learning opportunity so that you feel just that much more competent when you become a licenced nurse.
  8. by   CT Pixie
    We don't have a Pass/Fail type grading. We get an actual number/letter grade. You need a 75 in order to pass.

    If we arrive 1 minute late..its adios, home you go and it counts toward your alloted absenses from Clinical (2 per mod).

    Our grade is based on everything (each section has a point scale. ie: 10 points in the assessment section). From how we interact with staff and patients, to treatments we do, care plans, assessments etc. Every single thing is graded, added together and thats your grade.

    I really don't care who is getting what grade. Their grade doesn't affect my grade so I couldn't care less what they are getting. The way I see it, sooner or later, if that student is really that bad, it will catch up with them one way or the other.
  9. by   student-with-no-life
    Like I said I have nothing against this student - I want the best for them - we have 5 months till we graduate they just seem not to be getting it---- I could care less they work slower than me - but I believe they should be HELPED and not just pushed thru the program - guess that is what I was getting at - I help every chance I get. I want them to succeed not to fall behind.