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Earlier this week I saw someone cheating on a A&P test. It started on Monday when I noticed she had her cell phone in her lap during a test, I figured she was just texting or something. It is... Read More

  1. by   gatoraims RN
    I would say something to the instructor, not her. Like you said it can make your time int he program hell. In my first semester of the RN program we had to take watches off, put keys in our bag, and use the schools pencils. If you were a long sleeve shirt you had to have a pat down. We are also being recorded during our tests. I guess they had issues a few semsters ago and went over board. We are then put into desks that have partichions up. I am sure someone could cheat but I do not have the time to waste to try and think about how it could be done.
  2. by   nguyency77
    Quote from VickyRN
    Let the instructor know anonymously.
    I did this only once before, because the cheating got so out of hand. It was in my introductory biology lab. We had a group of 4. This girl in my group never did any of her own work. She would leech off others during experiments, claiming she "didn't know how to do it." She cheated off of me, every single quiz. She tried to cheat off of others' homework, saying she "didn't have time" to do it.

    Twenty minutes before the lab final, I told my TA that this person had been cheating off of my quizzes the whole semester. So the TA spread us all out, and since the cheater wasn't sitting next to anyone, she failed the test and failed the whole lab. She was heard complaining after the final about how "it wasn't fair" that the TA spread us out.

    How obnoxious. It was so wrong... on so many levels.
  3. by   mariebailey
    Your school may have a policy mandating that students report it if they witness academic dishonesty. I saw one fellow student cheat on a Comparative Politics exam as an undergrad, and, even though it baffled, frustrated, and disappointed me, I did nothing about it. It's easier said than done.
  4. by   TipToeLPN
    Yesterday I wrote an ananonymous note to the instructor. We'll see how it goes.
  5. by   FaithGurl93
    Quote from lpn2014
    Earlier this week I saw someone cheating on a A&P test. It started on Monday when I noticed she had her cell phone in her lap during a test, I figured she was just texting or something. It is against school policy to have your phone in class. Wednesday I noticed she would look at her cell phone then fill-in an answer on the test. On Thursday we had a hour of study time before the test and I noticed her looking at her study guide then type something in her phone. Once again during the test she would look at her phone then fill-in an answer on the test. What would you do? Would you say something to her? Would you say something to the instructor? I know that right now it's my word against hers but maybe if I told the instructor they can catch her. My problem is if they tell her that I'm the one that told and she continues in the program it will be an uncomfortable situation for the next 17 months.
    Some girls in my program cheated one time but the teacher caught them and they all received zeros on their exams.
    Others cheated but I didn't say anything.
    Because when it came time for the final exam or clinicals you knew who didn't know their stuff.
    You can't cheat on stateboards I hear so they're only messing themselves up by cheating and not taking the time to study.
  6. by   devomama2
    My school has a policy in the handbook that says if you know someone is cheating and do not report it, then you are just as guilty as the person cheating. It is not fair for you to be busting your butt studying to make a good grade while they cheat their way thru nursing school! All I got to say is I hope they aren't my nurse one day.....
  7. by   FLNurse2015
    there were apparently two girls in my class cheating. I was told this by others. But if I didn't personally witness it, I am not reporting it. I wouldn't want to risk someone getting thrown out or judged based on rumor or ill intentions. Now if I personally witnessed it, yes I would tell the instructor
  8. by   student forever
    The fact is, it is annoying you as you take a test to have someone fiddling with a cell phone; and if they are against the rules, it must be stopped. Let the teacher deal with the "cheating" part. Just report the activity as you see it and as it affects your performance without a judgement call on the "cheating part" is my point. It will speak for itself.
  9. by   ItalianBaby
    omg you all drive me CRAZY! I think you should all worry about yourselfs, clearly that person is struggling badly and if they dont get caught they will probably fail out. I always pity people like that, and pray for them to get stronger. Not just go and secretly ruin their life some more, anonymously doing that doesn't teach the person anything, they don't even know they were seen!! All youre doing is building horrible karma onto your own life.
    Worry about yourselves please and passing the test yourself, when you see someone struggling like that you should pity them, and life will definitely teach them very soon!! trust me. They will have consequences and karma themselves and will get caught or learn it's too scary and worth risking it all and begin to do things differently.