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My hubby and I are attending an LVN program together, this is the last couple weeks of our first semester - 2 more to go. We are both experiencing so much frustration that we have at many times... Read More

  1. by   katmiaow
    This is horrible! I feel so bad for you guys going through this. Although, I must admit, it makes me feel less alone in my problems with my crummy school (see my post regarding this).

    Does anyone have any suggestions to whom to report this to, or anything like that, if the dean doesn't give a ****? The State? The National League of Nursing? Your state nursing union?

    Any suggestions guys? I mean, NO ONE should have to go through this nonsense. We paid for (through the nose some of us) and at great personal sacrifice to become COMPETENT and COMPASSIONATE nurses. If we have such morons teaching us, however are we going to make it? I'm all for petitions, letter writing campaigns, things to bring this situation to public light.
  2. by   Faeriewand
    Would it be possible for you to finish this semester and then go to another school? Your experience in school sounds just awful! And so many others have posted the same way about their school. Yikes! Hope this is not what's in store for all of us pre-nursing students! :uhoh21:

    These questons arise.... Are they actually teaching you anything? Are you learning? Would you learn more if you went someplace else?

    I'm so glad I'm not in your situation! I look forward to reading more of your posts and what you have decided to do.

    I won't start my LVN program until August '06. The two instructors I have dealt with so far have been wonderful and so is the head of the school. Hoping the LVN program is just more of the same.
  3. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Faeriewand
    These questons arise.... Are they actually teaching you anything? Are you learning? Would you learn more if you went someplace else?
    One of my instructors, a wheelchair-bound elderly lady afflicted with post-polio, was a wonderful theory teacher. Her lectures were so informative and thorough.

    However, the vast majority of the theory (classroom) portion of the program was self-taught. In order to have made it successfully through my LVN school, the students had to have been excellent readers and decent self-teachers. If you are unable to teach certain concepts to one's self, you'll be in trouble.

    Unfortunately, I am wholly unqualified to teach certain things to myself because of the lack of experience. I did learn a wealth of new knowledge while in LVN school; however, I taught myself much of the time. I do not know if I would learn more had I attended some other school.
  4. by   Dawdett

    These questons arise.... Are they actually teaching you anything? Are you learning? Would you learn more if you went someplace else?


    question 1
    They do teach us some things, yes. We have one classroom instructor, who unfortunately has been out a lot due to illness, who seems to enjoy teaching, is very organized and would bend over backwards to help students. She is always making herself available to those students who are struggling in her classes and even helps with some of the stuff from classes that she is not teaching currently. She has also been very ill and I believe that is why she is teaching now, though I don't know this for sure. We also have a clinical instructor who for all her faults (she is a complete mess, literally, very unkempt) she is very hands on and though she does not always follow proper procedure on her part she is very good at finding learning experiences for her students in the clinical setting.

    question 2
    My hubby has a BS in psych and has taken many of the science pre req's for the BSN program so he had a pretty good base knowledge going into the program. I have him for a tutor, so I am blessed. But yes essentially we are learning. More from our own attempts though than classroom instruction. Here is an example : in the beginning of the semester we had 3 weeks (approx 10 hours of class lecture and 40 hours of clinical time in the lab)of lecture over positioning patients, baths, oral care, and ADL's that was 2 chapters in our text- in the end of the semester when we had some 5 chapters to go over regarding oxygenation and airway management we had 2 hours lecture and 30 minutes in the lab with her showing us an oral airway and she also through in some IV stuff since we had spent no time on that. For the most part on the oxygen and airway stuff she just said "you will learn this on the job". i think I would rather chance learning to give a bath than learning how to suction or prevent aspiration etc. The test was difficult for most people and the avg score of the class was like a 70. Our patients may die if they have a need for oxygen or aspirate but we are bath giving fools..

    question 3
    I thought perhaps until I posted this

    I think perhaps the difficult thing about LVN school is not so much that it is an amazingly large amount of information in a short time but that you have that and also have to overcome the situation of incompetent nursing instructors.

    We are definetly not dropping out though .. been to far at this point..
  5. by   luv4nursing
    Im gonna tell you the same thing my older sis told me when I was in school and used to vent about my school/teachers. Youd better get used to it bc its only a taste of what u are gonna be putting up with as a nurse from patients, their families, doctors, and other nurses. :chuckle

    Seriously though, I say bite the bullet and get through it. The person who said that before was right. You will "get through it" and move on to bigger and better things.

    All things being said, I think that becoming an LPN is a valuable life experience. I believe that as an LPN you build a strong clinical/bedside foundation that they dont teach you in the BSN programs. I believe we literally had more clinical hours in 1 year of LPN school than they do in 4 years in the BSN program. I have nothing against BSNs. I am working on my RN right now and will eventually get my BSN/MSN.
    But I am thankful that I had this experience to feel comfortable with my abilities and skills. It seems to me LPN school gives u a crash course in theory with an emphasis on CLINICAL while RN/BSN is a crash course in clinical with an EMPHASIS on theory. Many older nurses will tell you that LPNs often make some of the best RNs out there. Just wanted to say that! Im proud to be an LPN and I would do it all over again 100 times. My only regret is I didnt do it straight out of high school and by now Id probably be an NP or something
  6. by   Dawdett
    Just thought I would share the latest fiasco from our school. First of all the reason the hubby and I took this particular program is because it had 6 45 am - 3 pm hours and that meant that our 11 and 9 year old would not need to go to daycare for us to attent together. There were other programs that got much later release times and earlier clinicals. We moved to be close to the school and clinical and sites (and get in district tuition) to ease our stress during the year as well, by cutting travel time. Yesterday morning our Director comes into class and informs us that since she waited until the last minute (last week) to secure our clinical spots for next semester we will be having to travel 30-60 miles to clinical sites and be doing them from 12 in the afternoon till 9. This may be the straw that broke the camels back for us.. for one of us anyway.. We are now scrambling for a way to make this happen for us. I am so angry.
  7. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Daw, I'm so sorry that you both have to go through this; you would think that after the trouble you went to to make things a bit easier that the school would make efforts to meet you halfway.

    All I can do at this point is offer you encouragement and tell you to hang in there. Based on my personal experience and other comments I've read on this board, this kind of stuff exists in every LPN/LVN program out there, so I would be very cautious when deciding whether to change programs after all the effort you've put into this one. When I was in my program, so many students got screwed over in one way or another and tried so hard to fight the system, but as long as the district kept raking in the tuition, that's all they cared about.

    I hope you can at least take comfort in the fact that we've all been there and so many of us did make it through despite every effort the idiots in these programs made to break us. Cheesy as it sounds, "where there's a will, there's a way" and I have faith that you will get through this.

  8. by   Dawdett

    we went back to finish and it has started all chaotic again.. but we will suck it up and get a good chuckle out of their incompetence we decided
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Dawdett

    we went back to finish and it has started all chaotic again.. but we will suck it up and get a good chuckle out of their incompetence we decided
    Good luck and keep on truckin'!

    Finish school and don't let the chaos get you down.