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I have been a nurse for 2 years now and have been fortunate enough to avoid any deaths on my shift until recently. Last week I had a hospice patient with a DNR who was exhibiting Cheyne-Stokes... Read More

  1. by   Combative
    Quote from rn/writer
    This is why I encourage people to get professional liability insurance. For less than one day's pay you get a year of coverage. In a situation like this, you can call and receive legal advice about how best to protect yourself.

    If you don't already have a policy, starting one now wouldn't cover you for this incident. But it might be a good investment for the future. Things happen. Patients and family members can be looking for a windfall. Management could be clueless or corrupt. The sad reality is that no one is entirely safe.

    I'm glad the DON is supporting you on this. That's the most encouraging sign in your posts. Make sure you write that rebuttal and have it reviewed by real life people you trust. Keep details to a minimum on this board.

    I hope this passes quickly and the outcome is good for you. Thank you for giving your patient capable and compassionate care.
    Hi rn/writer...would you mind telling me where a good place to start would be for finding professional liability carriers? I am a new grad RN in New Jersey.

    Thanks in advance
  2. by   neverbethesame
    Get out NOW. RUN!!!

    “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
    Maya Angelou

    She has shown you her ethics (or lack of) and her "management" style.

    "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me."

    She fooled you once so it's her fault but if she fools you again, it will be yours.
  3. by   tyvin
    Quote from MADALENE4591
    My heart goes out to you! I have been in your shoes and in the real "nursing world" please be extremely careful when you venture in
    following the so-called "chain of command" path. I got terminated for doing the "right" thing and at times Administrators are in a fantasy world and don't want any employee rocking the boat! If you are seeing " red" flags that managers are piling up derogatory
    reports, you need to have an escape plan and look for employment elsewhere as the integrity of the manager is questionable and you are in a very hostile working environment. If you don't have strong alliances at the top , you are putting your nursing career on the line
    It caused me dearly and my 25 yrs impeccable nursing career got ruined because of senseless and malicious gossips !!!
    I fought hard because of good principle but unfortunately , I was dealing with different caliber of people .... Take care and good luck!

    P.S. If managers are issuing Corrective Actions ... make sure you write a rebuttal on the C.A. Statement. Unfortunately, the prevailing rule per institutional policy = refusal to sign is automatic termination on the spot unless you file a grievance with HR and again make sure you have a strong basis to support a claim and always have a witness during any disciplinary proceedings and make anecdotal notes in your memory bank of issues that might back fire.
    It appears that we've been there as they say as I absolutely recognize and agree with your posts advice. I've seen the ugly and I'm here to tell you that some people are just plain evil. I have worked and seen "those caliber of people" and raise you by 4. I am now pursuing the matter with the EEOC. I went into nursing thinking we were here to help. Alas, from the get go all I saw was neglect and abuse by all, that culminated into ruined and shattered lives. I like the part about the escape plan...oh so true.

    OP, you performed a comfort measure and if I were you I would report her to the BON. Have you talked with the doc to get his take...if not please do so. Doctors can be our greatest allies. Look in the p/p manual; look up your states nurse practice act might be a good idea too. Watch your back.

    I know your fear all too well so try to not worry too much. I know that's easy to say but drink nice tea with honey, relax, turn off all the tvs and radios etc...meditate. In silence comes our greatest plans.

    You did good.
  4. by   BrandonLPN
    I'm puzzled as to why any manager, ever, would attack the OP for what she did. Either an honest-to-God mental retardation or some sort of personal vendetta are the only things that come to mind.
  5. by   aileenve
    Shocking!! I worked in hospice for 5 years and mouth care is done on everyone, I would wonder if her LOC was diminished why she was being fed, could be the Mgr did not want to answer questions about her care to family.
  6. by   LilgirlRN
    I have to agree with the others, find a place more deserving of your effort and your skills.
  7. by   LongislandRN23
    I would go speak with the DON, NOT sign the write up, and seek union representation right away. I would also watch that manager like a hawk and if they did ANYTHING out of line i would immediately report to the DON/ state BON. Give her a taste of her own medicine.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    I work hospice now. We have a portable suction machine. We use it when necessary.

    You did good. I too have malpractice insurance. It's cheap and worth it.
  9. by   SHGR
    So sorry this happened to you. You mentioned the patient's family was glad that you suctioned. In this day and age when families so often delay any mention of hospice and we have to worship the Press Ganey scores, it seems really weird that that the family's satisfaction with your caring action and attentiveness to comfort didn't satisfy your manager.
  10. by   meteorite36
    Your supervisor is not in a position to threaten your license, that is a decision which can only be made by your state board of nursing. She is a bully. Your actions were quite correct and appropriate. I would make a formal complaint about her if it is possible to go higher up, additionally, most nursing homes/hospices (if that is where you work) have state bodies which oversee and govern them - you may consider making a complaint in this direction. Finally, threaten her with harassment via an attorney - well worth the couple of hundred dollars for a nicely written letter! Your license is your lively-hood, do not let anyone threaten it or take it away - no job is worth that.

    Good luck!
  11. by   threebrats46
    This is shocking! Im sorry this happened to you.
    I always did mouth care-it is comfort care!
  12. by   NutmeggeRN
    Agreeing with all the other posters! You so did the right thing! Im glad your DON stood up for you!!!!!.

    Now ask her to remove it from your file. she has that authority. Obviously never use this manager as a reference!
  13. by   tsherry97
    I work hospice and mouth care is very important. Your new mgr. feels threatened. Find a new job and always remember that there is always someone judging your actions to their standards. Keep your standards high. In the medical world today, you are only politically correct if you function and think like everyone else in the box. Don't compromise continue to think and act different according to your gut. Good luck and will keep you in prayers.