why pharmacology why!

  1. ok so i'm in the first semester lpn program and i'm not doing well in pharmacology basically i have one more test to go and the final. all tests are done in the same week. i can still pass but it looks like it will be a miracle. i haven't lost hope but it seems that my teacher has. she told me that i should consider coming back. my jaws dropped and i couldn't talk. well is there any help i can get with pharm. if i have to repeat i still have to come to school everyday and even though i just failed pharm i would have to take it over with my skills classes which is 4 days a week and my friday clinical class. does any other school have that policy. i am so upset with myself does anyone have any advice?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Is there a particular area or part of the course that is most confusing for you?
  4. by   pink2004
    the test are written in situations, if a person does this and has this, then what would most likely happen, or what's the first thing to asses, what's the priority. i can never remember which drug goes with whatever questions she's asking unless it's something that has something that pops out. i go over alot of what she says in class. but she useually breezes through 9 chapters so i never really know what's gonna be on the test so i study everything and put a star to the things she says. is beta blockers the same thing as adrenergic beta bloockers?? some people say yes others say no, i'm sure i'm confusing something. if a pt has hyperthyroidism do u give them an increase of digoxin. i got that wrong on the test i put increase instead of decrease becuz i guess the were already in therapy so ur suppose to give them a decrease. the heart failure drugs are what i'm having trouble with and i don't know how i will study every ch. in her class with the rest of my test. hopefully something super will happen so i can remeber hopefully. some ppl are telling me in the 3rd level not to take the final if i don't make a 90 and above on the calculations test. they said the final is a lot tougher . 100 questions and they were wondering where the questions came from because they never heard of them before. so i'm kinda worried i don't know what to do any advice?
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from pink2004
    the test are written in situations, if a person does this and has this, then what would most likely happen, or what's the first thing to asses, what's the priority.
    The NCLEX is written exactly as you have described. The questions will present situations, ask about what will most likely happen, question you on the first thing to assess, and require you to prioritize. The NCLEX is filled with these priority questions, so it would be beneficial to learn how to become accustomed to them.

    Your nursing school tests are simply preparing you for NCLEX.
  6. by   scallywags
    Pharmacology was the most difficult class I had and I felt I really had to work extra hard in order to understand the rationale. I bought a book called Nursing Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy. While some in my class claimed I was wasting my money, it really did help me.

    The questions, as previously stated, are preparing your for the NCLEX-PN. With that in mind, you might want to use all materials available in the book. They often have a study guide or a CD with the book or website. Use these tools to help you. When in doubt, remember that safety comes first.

    Good luck!
  7. by   pink2004
    well i ordered the book from the barnes and i assumed there was going to be a cd in there because that's what the book store clerk told me, but there wasn't. but i usually don't get time to read it i try but i know she picks certain things specifically from the book but i'm trying to do all that. basically i talked to the teacher and another teacher and they said it would be better for me to come back. my problem now is should i study for her class or forget about it and study for the other classes. i kinda don't know what to do. we have a calulations test the first tues. in dec. not good in math but working on it. and the following tues. is the final. which i've heard i should not need to make more than a 60. some people are happy that all they need to make is 35- 40. i feel kinda bummed hearing that but i'm still trying i just have no idea what to do after the 5th test i should decide whether i think i will be able to take the final.
  8. by   Mudwoman
    Look at the generic name for a drug and look at the ending of the word. For example..............

    Beta 1 and Beta 2 Blockers


    They all end with "lol". So, when you see a drug with "lol", you know pretty much that it is a Beta Blocker.

    Calcium Channel Blockers........


    They end in "dipine"

    Alpha-adrenergic Blockers


    End in "sin" or "zosin"

    There will be a few here and there that end differently and you can easily memorize those.

    "pril" is Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors. Then remember it decreases vasoconstriction. Therefor it decreases heart rate and vascular resistence.

    Just keep going with this. The hard ones for me are the psych drugs. They are less obvious.
  9. by   scallywags
    It is a hard decision, but you should at the very least take the exam and see how you do. Reading the book is the key to understanding the material as I find that I understand the lectures so much more if I have a basic understanding of the concepts being presented. If you don't have time to read the entire chapters, I would at least learn the prototypes for the drugs and make pharm-flash cards to study from.

    If you need to retake the class, then you really should find a new study style for the next semester that will help you understand the material better. Good luck!
  10. by   pink2004
    my pharmacology test was on tuesday and i was nervous so was everyone else. i wass suppose to get an 88 or higher on that test and i was not even close and most of the class wasn't either. about 75 percent of the class failed the test. The people who A's and high B's grades dropped to an F and that means my F dropped to an even lower F or my D dropped to an F. Either way, I had to make over 100 on my final which is no way. i cried and cried and cried , still crying. so many people had to drop that class that day and the finals are next week. usually the calculations test r easy at r school until it was taken off the computer and was handwritten in a form where almost everyone was confused. out of the 15 people left out of the 65 student class, about 7 of them are ok, the rest of them has to make 85-100's on their final. no one passes her finals with those grades the teacher said u shouldn't go into the finals needing more than a 60. The third level students said try not needing more than a 40. right now i'm lost and instead of competeing with 5 other people to comeback next semester i have to compete with as whole bunch which may push me back to getting back in aug 07. i really don't know what to do i'm sad and finals r next week for my other classes. any advice. i wonder if the courses i'm taking (first level) can transfer to another school. what should i do?
  11. by   vickynurse
    I teach pharm in an ADN program and stress the importance of knowing the autonomic system and inflammatory process very thoroughly. Almost all drugs relate back to these topics in physiology. It is a tough subject, but thousands die every year because their nurses didn't catch a med error and gave the drug. Every nurse needs to know as much as possible in order to keep pts safe. Hang in there and retake the course if need be.
  12. by   pink2004
    thanks i completely know what u mean she did laugh at me a couple of times and stated my grades could kill people, i'm just dissapointed in myself that school is going to take a lot longer than i expected. i really don't know what to do, what school to go to. i wished we had some kind of tutors that we could go to but we don't. and i wish there was some kind of course i could take or something that could help with pharmacology and i wish i could go back in time. it just seems like i have been in school forever and i haven't accomplished anything, i don't think that i'm even a sophmore. just gloomy i need to find an alternative school but non is near me and that was the only one.
  13. by   pink2004
    So I Have To Take Pharm Over. I'm Sad But There's Nothing I Can Do. Also I Have To Take 2 Other Course Over Which I Had An "a" And "b" In Because They Are Corequisites For That Class. I'm Already Studying And Hopefully Graduate Next December. Boy Did I Want To Graduate In August