Why are some nurses so petty?

  1. I need some advice. I'm a new LPN in my first job, I've been here 7 months. I've been the only permanent nurse on my unit for 6 of those months, so people come to me and expect a lot from me. I'd like to think I'm a good nurse. Today my 2 unit managers (one coming in as manager the other leaving the facility) came to me about an issue from yesterday. Apparently they misunderstood what I said and both kinda attacked me on it. Now I feel like I'm being shunned, neither is speaking to me and keeps talking over me. My DON is the same way, I just dunno what to do, if going to a new facility will solve the issue. Help
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  3. by   JackdLPN
    Tell them how u feel be assertive butnot confrontational about it. If it doesnt resolve soon just start doing some interviews now. Tons of jobs out there.
  4. by   ponymom
    Well your idea of 'petty' may differ from theirs...
  5. by   NurseSpeedy
    It's hard to give advice without knowing what it was that was taken so wrong to get the reaction you did. Either way, verbally attacking isn't professional for any reason.
  6. by   Dylan2016
    I'm so sorry.. it looks like you need to arrange a meeting with both of them to talk about these issues and find a friendly solution.. if not
    Possible, then find another job.. there are lots of opportunities in this field and I guarantee you you will find a job quick.. FYI: Apply for another job while you're at this one.. when you're working you worth more than when you are unemployed... ������ good luck and do not take it personally.. this is how it's in most of the facilities and we, as nurses, deal with rude management daily..,������❤️������
  7. by   Zyprexa
    I thought this thread was called "Why are some nurses so pretty?"

    Never mind.
  8. by   Julius Seizure
    Quote from Zyprexa
    I thought this thread was called "Why are some nurses so pretty?"

    Never mind.
    I was about 30 seconds from posting a response that said, "I've noticed that where I work too - everyone is beautiful! I figured that it must just be Texas." Glad I saw your comment first!
  9. by   nursebey
    Ive seen similar situatons early on in my LPN career. Its a little difficult to say without knowing exactly what was said, but be careful. I would ask to speak with them with another person present maybe HR and see if you can resolve the issue before you leave. Dont let someone else run you off from your job. Document what youve tried to do, who you talked to, and how its affecting your work. If nothing changes then you can look at leaving. Id hate to see you leave and end up in a worse situation.Ill say sometimes its better to deal with the demons you know than the devil you dont.
  10. by   Emmienme
    Are you familiar with the phrase " Nurses who eat their young". ?