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  1. by   marla23112
    LPN in NYC working in quality and the pay was $45/hr. Friend just hired at $92,000/yr! Working in quality pretty much pays LPNs and RNs the same except for supervisory or management. The pay is usually between 70 to 90 annually. Working in quality through an agency can pay 32-45/hour. I'm relocation to Richmond VA and am nervous about the loss of income!
  2. by   mommyof2Tees
    Marla - what agency is this please?
  3. by   marla23112
    There are lots of them. Greenkey, Pathway, Access, Excu_search to name a few. Hope this helps. You can Google them for contact info.
  4. by   Keshawn007 BSN RN
    $17 per Hour in Marietta, GA as psych LPN as well as a Nursing home
  5. by   Twinyy
    $40 an hour teaching CNA course in Richmond Va
  6. by   MrsCeeTaylor
    I make $35/hr Per Diem in a residential facility in NY, NY. No benefits.
  7. by   volcomcna
    new grad in family medicine $24.47 orange county,ca
  8. by   GoosbyLPN
    Quote from Keshawn007 BSN RN
    $17 per Hour in Marietta, GA as psych LPN as well as a Nursing home
    Which facility?
  9. by   jaycee15
    18 a hour at a ltc in pa
  10. by   slicksGIRL
    New grad lvn, no experience $19/hr (union) with benefits. Re-eval every 6 months. LA, CA
  11. by   ibegyourpardon
    day shift wages... shift differential for evenings/nights:

    20/hr LTC in virginia... made 17/hr ltc in western NY as a new grad
  12. by   olive11
    Not quite in Dallas area - actually in San Antonio - but I work for a medical device company and make $23.45/hour with benefits, Mon-Fri, days. But it's a sedentary, in a cubicle wearing a head-set for 8 hours, kind of job.
    On average here for LVN's, standard pay is between $19-$22/hour for agency work and nursing homes. Hospitals pay less.
    Dallas area pays a few dollars more. If you have experience, I'd look beyond the basic bedside nursing jobs and look at administrative type jobs - especially with insurance and medical device companies. Much better pay and working conditions.
  13. by   eklecticsol
    Silver springs ,M.D. outside D.C. ltc and rehab $22 New grad!!