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  1. by   MichalLPN
    New Haven, CT
    2yrs experience, Community health clinic, very busy internal medicine, pediatrics, and urgent care - 25.65$/hr full time, benefits, PTO, 401k
  2. by   ChristinP
    I live in central Connecticut. I've had my LPN license since 2008.
    Last LTC on SNF + rehab floors $33.50/hr every Friday night & every other weekend which was back in 2009.
    Currently in a high school health room part time at $20.00/hr in the mornings and afternoons in home care at $30 per patient visit + mileage.
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  3. by   graduate2011
    Quote from Vicky Laursen
    recent LPN pay information
    I am a LPN with 9 years experience. I work in Union County, NC at LTC. My base pay is $21.00 hr . There is an additional $2.50hr shift diff for 2nd and 3rd shift plus an additional $1.50 for weekends. They offer PTO,vacation pay,401 K.Also health and dental insurance at your expense.
  4. by   aflack41
    How would
    I apply to similiar jobs, contact insurance companies in my area? I'm in Illinois.
  5. by   nurseabby143
    I work at a hospital in MN and get a base rate of $19.40 plus $1 for being a float, .80 for evenings and extra .75 on weekends and I've been an LPN for 2 1/2 years
  6. by   Ericad85
    I live in MASS i just left LTC I HATED IT!!!! I was getting 26 n hour and 31/hr on weekends too much stress to much worrying about my license with 40 patients all to myself hated 3-11 shift awfullll I just graduated in June! I just accepted a ft position days 7-3 no weekends no holidays benefits 40 hrs for 21.50 an hour doing utilization review!!!! I am very excited and the pay is not tooo bad!!!! I plan on doing excelsior soon too
  7. by   andreasmom02
    I've been an LPN in a clinic setting for 2 months now. I make only $9.50 per hour... It's not much, but LPN jobs are scarce in my area. I figured I would take it for a while, until I could find something else. I get weekends & holidays off, & only work 8 am- 3 pm!
  8. by   Kashia
    CA, $24/hr, 1.5 after 8hr on 12 hr shifts + travel pay = $380 shift net
  9. by   CLUVRN
    Fulltime visiting nurse in FL making $30/visit, 35-40 visits a week plus $200/month gas and cell phone reinbursement. I'm single with no kids, so this is a comfortable salary for me.
  10. by   gapeacheykeen
    Smiley, where in Arkansas are you. I'm in NEA.
  11. by   catlover5
    Been licensed since 2/08. Left a hospital in Indiana making $17.46base w/ $1.50 more for nights and $1.75 more for wknds. Moved to Florida (north of Tampa area) and they are getting rid of LPN's in hospitals. Worked for a short time in ltc facility for 17.80 base w/ $1 for evening shift. Now working for a staffing agency that staffs only hospitals and it $26 for wknights, $28 for wkends. Not worth it though since there is no work in late spring/summer/fall because all the snowbirds go back north! Dr's offices are advertising anywhere form $12-$17/hr.
  12. by   itsmejuli
    LPN for 3 years. I was making $18 an hour with no benefits in FL working part-time in an LTC.

    Decided to move back to Canada almost a year ago. I'm now in a union working in medical rehab. I make $24.68 an hour plus $2.75 shift dif for eves and $3.25 shift dif for wknds. I also have full benefits that cost me about $28 a month with no out of pocket expenses. I have a regular part-time line on which I earn vacation time and sick time. The only time I have more than 7 patients is when we're short-staffed.
  13. by   annlewis
    Upstate new York - long term care nursing home, 15.90/hr with benefits, 401 k, and shift diff for 2nd and nite shift....BUT they just cut out our overtime pay - we used to get time and a half for working late or pick up on our weekend off - no more! Now only if you work more than 40 hrs in a week. So now some of us LPN's get more pay and some are losing up to 150.00 per pay period due to our respective schedules! They say it is due to Medicare funding cuts! SO WATCH out it may happen to you next!