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  1. amish

    LVN pay rates ( ca.prison)

    Hi Christine.....is this salary for the month or for 160 hours ...because month never end up with 160 hours. 160 hours means 4 weeks but how about 2-3 more days you work..I'm in the same boat..can you elaborate more ? please..
  2. @ cawkazn..still going with paperwork..hope will start on 2' april
  3. Hi Christine, I m trying to get in to the prison health care system california. They interviewed me, and called me after 3 weeks that " I got approved " They did my finger print at different place last week, but till the date no response from them. I'm so confused...are they gonna hire me or another sets of interview process or screening process. Can you guide me please.amishmodi74@yahoo.com
  4. amish

    LVN in California state prison

    Is there any possibility to become a permanent if they hired you for limited term full time in prison health care california as LVN
  5. amish

    LPN/LVN rate of pay in your area.

    is there any possibility to become a permanent employee if you hired for limited term in prison health care in california...
  6. Is any one can advise me, how to get job in CA prison healthcare as LVN. I have one year of experience, acessment score 95....What are the minimum qualifications for Chino-Norco- Donovan and Tehchapi prisons..
  7. amish

    What is your current LPN salary

    Hello Eric, I've been tryin