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Hello All, :crying2: I am an LPN at a hospital and this is not an RN/LPN thing ,it is a nurse thing; I don't know what is going on lately on my rehab unit and in this small hospital but it is... Read More

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    Hello All,

    "Super nurse snydrome" this is where you point out some nurse's mistakes and then procede to tell other people how awful this nurse is or what he/she needs to do to be a better nurse and then let people know how you do things the RIGHT way. I had a fellow LPN come out of report, she is days and I am nights, say to me "you didn't tell me any of your patients lung, heart, bowel sounds, what do I tell the doctor when he comes in and asks"? it leads me to believe you did not assess your PT!...

    This makes me sad, because I am a good nurse and I trully care about my pts and coworkers. I am sick of it and I am starting to feel burned out!!!Sorry just had to vent. Thanks for listening.
    Hello Minnib,

    I read that another poster mentioned bullying and this is the first thought I came to also.

    There is a bully nurse thread which has some links listed for that explains workplace bullying and just downright bullying. It is about control. Of course this nurse is trying to make herself feel superior to you, (probably because even she senses that you are a good nurse.) Since you are a good nurse and she belittle you then in her twisted perception it makes her better.

    I agree, this is not something that you should take as a reflection upon youself, it is a signal of something wrong with the pointy fingers.

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    Quote from jalo123
    give me a break the old complaint about one shift leaving work for the other???? It's a waste of energy and takes away care from your patients......grow up!!!:angryfire
    I agree about shift rivalry...I have worked all shifts and invariably, at every facility, you'll find permanent shifters who have never worked other shifts throwing off on the other shifts. Reality check, sisters, every shift is a busy shift and you have people who work and you have people who are is not a "shift thing"'s a work ethic thing. I feel everyone, in every facility, needs to work another shift at least 4 days out of each month to gain respect for each other's work loads. Try it at your facility....ask to work another shift occasionally...see how quickly you revise your opinion about how "easy" they have it!
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    all of the above is the reason that i encourage everyone to always search for a better work environ. i have delt with all of the bullarky and can't stand ineffieciency...being chronically short staffed in the ER has made me learn that team work is key-and that it isn't so and so's job, it is 'our' job. i wouldn't trade my short staffed shift with great team players for the other 'better' shift with nurses who won't touch another's chart. so, if u get tired of dealing with the prob and the politics, hey, it's nursing! get another job, try another specialty, etc...that is the great thing about our profession, it is movable! took me a while to figure that out, but there is always another door that could be opened somewhere. good luck to everyone!

    can't resist adding my own supernurse story...when we would finally get a lull in the ER and try to catch our breath, she would hustle us up to reorganize every drawer in each room, even brought her own little label machine to label each shelf including the par number (among other jobs!). she now works in an ortho docs office and i can see her running everything supremely there! some people just function that way, and there are places that are really for them where they can thrive and all their 'talents' are very useful.
    but again, everyone find your own nitch and don't be afraid to move on.
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    Hello DragonFly.

    I agree with you,the importance of calling the Dr.s for Pt/Inr,etc,& non communication from other nurses,,.
    Sad to say,there are nurses like that everywhere,
    To the poster who said"Give Me a Break"
    Gee,I also work with a nurse,with an attitude,just like yours,non -productive.
    Keep up your good work DragonFly.
    You sound like a great nurse,do not give any creedence to the ones who.
    Try to eat their young!
    They only will if you let them!
    I personly never let that happen.
    Happy Fall
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    Used to work with one of those too.
    However, she may have been supernurse at work, but her personal life was a wreck. Her kids started getting in trouble with the Police starting at age 14-for joyriding, curfew violations, etc., They were trying to get her attention, but she was so focused on her job that she basically ignored them.
  6. by   grace90
    yup, we've got a few of those! one is actually a part time nursing instructor at the community college and works on our floor nights part time. from what i've heard from patient care assistants who are in that nursing program, she's not doing a very good job. but she thinks she's the cat's meow.
    there used to be a supernurse on 1st shift that loved to give the 3rd shift rookies a hard time. on our unit, and the other med/surg units, 1st shift deals with the am labs and call them unless a critical lab is called up before 7:30, then nights deals with it. One particularly tough night, i had a team of 11 (7 primaries, 4 covers). i was finishing up last minute paperwork at 0800 when super*&%#@nurse comes up to me griping about why a low, but not critical, H/H was not called. i told her it wasn't our job to look up the labs, but she went and looked them up on the computer and saw that they had been completed at 0630 and i should have called on them. i told her that i had a team of 11 and there was no way i could look up every single patient's labs and call on all the abnormals. she kept on me, and i heard her talking to other first shifters about it. turns out i was right, but it shook me up and i drove home in tears. :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire hallelujah, she eventually got fired and is no longer my problem!
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    I would be a Super Nurse if only I could fit into the tights