Remind me again why I'm going back to school?

  1. Helurrrr everyone. I'm so stressed.I recently decided to return to college for my RN degree.It's been a rough road so far...classes Monday through Thursday, work 12 hour night shifts Friday-Sat-and Sunday, Back to school Monday at 11 am. I feel like I am frozen in time and the rest of the world is spinning out of control around me. I don't have any time of my own to do anything anymore.I'm so unmotivated and I don't want to feel that way. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, but I'm about to lose my mind.I need some encouragement and motivation you guys. Before I do something Not go back to college.Thanks for letting me vent...that helps Loking forward to hearing from you all. If I get the chance to log back on.
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  3. by   Ninaer
    Hi, Have you ever thought of doing on-line classes? that may help a lot.
  4. by   Jamie Dale
    I have thought about online classes,but financially can't afford that route. I don't know if student loans or pell grants honor those programs. I work with LPN's who are currently enrolled with Rue. They pay $125.00 a month plus $200.00+ for each exam they take.Not to mention the commitment contract they signed. I don't want to go that route...I'm a more traditional classroom type guy,even If I am stressed
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I am another LVN who works full-time while taking on a full load of prerequisite classes at my local community college. The attempts at balancing full-time school and full-time employment are mighty tough, but the enticing reward at the end is what keeps me motivated and in the game.
  6. by   Sandi0302
    Have you tried Excelsior online? I had started out doing LPN to RN with them, and they were helpful. Tuition they let you figure out how you want to pay, which for me work out to about $75/month. And when I accidentaly ordered the same book twice from their online bookstore, they called me to tell me!
    Good luck to you!
  7. by   mumpet5
    Sandi, interesting about the payments, 75 dollars monthly is reasonable, I thought that the smallest payment was 154.
  8. by   Justhere
    Jamie you can do it. I was an LPN for 15 years and then went back. Our classes started on Monday-Tuesday at 1:00 to 4:30. Wednesday was chose a pt and do our research on conditions and meds, start our careplans. We went to clinicals either days or evenings depending where we were. Did JSS (in-house agency) for post-partum unit scheduled sat & sun 7p to 7a, usually got cancelled every other weekend one of the full time staff worked that weekend usually only needed an RN and LPN for the weekends. Since I got paid basically what I am making now as an RN it helped alot and I didn't mind being canceled because I was still bringing home what I did working full time as an LPN. It is not an easy road but it is a do-able road with alot of bumps and potholes (need to contact the road department to fix those). Don't give up just by a 4-wheel drive to get down that road.
  9. by   Ninaer
    Hi Jamie,
    I had just started signing in on again and was reviewing my old responses etc. (I didn't realize they still keep them). But anyway, I was just wondering how school was going?

    To answer your questions about online schools. Yes, they are very expensive but also is convenient and prevents stress but have to drive to school, getting stuck in traffic and if you live from the school it just makes things worse. Online schools are eligible for pell grants and scholarships. I got my masters on line.....I must tell you though the work is triple than the traditional masters where you go to class.

    So, good luck in you endeavors.
  10. by   pagandeva2000
    I'll remind went to school to advance, make more money and open the doors for more opportunites available to Registered Nurses. Maybe what can help you get by is remembering if you felt similar while completing your LPN course. Remind yourself that if you were able to do it then, you can do it, now. Sometimes, in order to go forward, we have to look back to see that we survived other things that seemed equally impossible at that time.
  11. by   mew1958
    I wish you well in your trip to increase your knowledge and experience. Mew
  12. by   NewGoalRN
    What classes are you enrolled in? Also, it helps tremendously to align yourself with similar students who are in your situation but are motivated. This comraderie can help enormously to encourage you and keep you motivated.
    You can do this. One of the keys is to get organized i.e keep all of yoru materials/books in one area of the house, keep your binders organized, use a calendar, pencil in study time and try to stick to it.

    It may seem hard to work 3 12hr shift but the beauty of this is also that you have 4 days free to do your school work. Think of just getting through this semester and then for the next semester, perhaps, don't schedule so many classes.