Overtime Pay

  1. Everywhere I work, it seems like they want me to work off the clock.
    I've done some research and found:

    Federal Law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), trumps state law.

    Some of the ways that health care facilities (especially skilled nursing ones) cheat workers
    out of their overtime is:

    1) Tell you to arrive early for report and THEN clock in.
    2) Interrupt your lunch hour - even for a minute - then you are entitled to be paid for the hour
    3) Make you attend meetings off the clock
    4) Tell you to clock out and finish your charting or other work
    5) Tell you to clock out and do the narcotics count
    6) Tell you to clock out and wait for your relief.

    They always threaten you with the loss of your license if you don't stay.

    A group of Texas nurses has filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act to collect their overtime.
    Although it talks about LVN's, documentation suggests that Med Aides, CNA's, housekeeping,
    and food service will join in to collect their back money

    It looks like the suit is expanding nation wide to many skilled nursing facilities.

    Read about it here:

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  3. by   bluegeegoo2
    Sorry! I'm not working off of the clock for any reason, for any facility. If a meeting is deemed "mandatory" they must pay you for the time that you are there. If a meeting is not mandatory, (read: on your own time), I'm not going. Period. (Because I work nights, and these all important on-your-own-time meetings tend to be at 1300 for some silly reason). If I worked for a facility that tried to bully me into working off of the clock, I would find somewhere else to work. Charity begins at home.
  4. by   kat7ap
    Yah! Good for those nurses! I hope they get every cent they deserve. I've never been told to work off the clock, but I have gotten grief for OT from employers. Basically I said to them, it is impossible to get everything done that is expected of me in one 8 hour shift. I'm lucky if I get one quick lunch break every day. So if you expect me to clock out on time every single shift, then you need to hire another nurse for the floor. So instead of actually listening to the complaints of the nursing staff (I was not alone), they add on more responsibilities thus more time. I would had loved for one of those managers to work the floor a few times just to see. I quit that job after 5 months from burn out working 50-60 hour weeks and sometimes staying until 2am after an evening shift. Typical LTC/rehab turnover. The facilities don't seem to care though because it's all about the money, not about patients, safety, or nursing staff. Ok I'm done with my rant now...LOL... I'm happy to see that some action is being taken!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I do not work off the clock because I do not render my services for free.

    I'd rather have management bother me for clocking out late than to devote that time to the company as unpaid work. If everyone stayed over to finish the job, then perhaps managers would get a clue that there's too much work in one 8 or 12 hour shift.
  6. by   AllSmiles225
    Okay I know this sounds stupid but I am a VERY young nurse and I'm still trying to figure out how the world works. I work 3-11 and at my facility you get paid 7.5 hours EVERY shift regardless of whether you stay until midnight. Now let's talk about the conditions. 60 resident med pass plus you hope that no new admission comes in/nobody has to be sent out. If the doctor comes in your giving up your MAR for an hour and KNOW your going to have to stay late because you can't pass any meds without the MAR. And half the time the 11-7 shift comes in at 11..making me not be able to count out and leave until 11:15. Should I be getting paid for that time? Is this something I need to look into?

    ..sorry for sounding so naive
  7. by   NC Girl BSN
    I have never worked a place that did not pay me for all of my time. How do they get away with this? I do not work if I am not getting paid. No if, ands,or buts about it!!!!