Other nurses ever check behind your work??

  1. I have been noticing a problem at work. I work night shift and feel adequate and secure in my job performance. However, it seems when I am off work, other LPN's I work with take it upon themselves to check behind me and tell other nurses my work style, and tell them their opinion on how they would do my job.( Like I don't know what in the ---- I'm doing). Never mind I have been a nurse longer than most of the ones running their mouth! That really burns me up! I try to let it go as ignorance on their part,but enough is enough.You know the type of nurses I'm talking about right? The ones who always think their right and do no wrong. Yeah...them. I feel that they do this due to their own inadequate feelings and work related fears.I also feel that if they have time to check my work, then something they should be doing isn't getting done. I have no problems with my DON or ADON checking my work. But if your carry the same title as me and we are co-workers, BUTT OUT OF MY BUSINESS!! If I want their opinion, I'll ask. Either way, at the end of the shift, my job is done to the best of my ability.And I can sleep with a peaceful mind. Thanks guys for letting me vent for a moment in my lapse of sanity. Do any of you experience this at work?
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  3. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    I do. I've learned to let it go because it would cause more problems for me if I didn't. My coworkers like to check my care plans behind me, but that's ok. Especially since technically I'm not allowed to initiate care plans.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I have dealt with nosy, good-for-nothing 'busybodies' who check my work and will alert the manager or DON if I have forgotten to sign the MAR. However, these same nosy nurses do not like it when their sloppy work is checked by someone else.
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    Yes, this has happened to me, and it never surprized me because nursing is a competitive field, filled with petty, jealous people who like to knit-pick. And, yes, they are the sloppiest ones, the ones that speak the loudest. Hard to say how to handle it, since I am a new nurse, myself. At the moment, I suggest to take it up only if those that can fire you approach you.

    What I hate is when there is an employee, who has no idea what the job is in nursing tries to knitpick. An example of that is I had a patient who came in for a shot of testosterone. We work in a city hospital, where the patients can be seen whether they can pay or not. My responsibility is to check and see that the proper prescription is in, that the proper paper is stamped, that the script is not outdated and to adminster safely. A patient came to me with the proper papers that I needed to see, and I gave the injection. The desk person tells me that I have to check and see if the patient paid, and I told him that this particular portion is his job, and that he has to follow up about payment, not me. He then said that I don't know my job, and I corrected him by stating that I did mine, but I don't have to do his.
  6. by   thsnursluvsgeriatric
    Do they confront you or do people repeat what they have said about you?
    If your job is being done to managements satisfaction be happy. It would be nice if the people that tell you these tales would instead stick up for you and not repeat things as it only causes hard feelings. There will always be petty people, I always think that they must be unsatisfied with their lot in life.
  7. by   mel1213
    I think that everyone will agree that there is always ONE nurse or maybe two that will try to make it look that they are the better nurse, or compete with you!
    To me its not about competing, we are all there for the same reason, to care for the residents or patients!! I think sometimes we forget that. We all make mistakes we are human.
    I do find myself covering for other nurses if they make a mistake, I don't go blabbing to everyone in the facility, I just fix it. If it is something life threatning, than of course yes I would have to report it.
    If I have the time to point out every Mar that is missed than I must be having a good day....lol!!!