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  1. I'm currently a Lvn and would love to complete my bsn. However, financially i honestly dont think i can any time soon. Does anyone have ideas or experience in their next step after becoming a lvn and furthering their education into nursing managment, education or administration?
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  3. by   brownbook
    The next step is one "baby" step at a time. Go to a community or four year college. Talk to an advisor or admission counselor. Start taking classes. One class each semester......on line may take four years or more to get your BSN, but where will you be in 4 years if you don't start now.
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  4. by   Snow17
    True. I already have half my classes needed, the others habe expired and i need to retake them. However, with kids and all, i cant do the clinical portion at any college. Ive looked into them all (communtiy, accelerated, state, had counseling sessions, etc. It requires time that i cant get off mid day or morning for. Therefore im trying to see which other way i can go.