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I wanted everyones input on whether the nclex was difficult or easy. I passed with 85 questions but let me tell you, no amount of studying prepared me for that test. I walked away swearing I failed.... Read More

  1. by   baylay
    Quote from ChangeofPace
    I used 5 books and studied for 3 months for this test- I think I would have done just as good if I never opened the books and had a few drinks beforehand. Not recommending that but I'm basically saying- it's not about book smarts.. it's about real life what would you do..
    I so much agree with you. I think that's why some would tell me don't overstudy from those books. It's patient care from experience. Common sense. Is it safe for the patient? Definitely not book smarts.

    Wasn't at all what I expected the exam to be like. My school even had us take this test from Mosby at the end of the year, then they grade it and send it back telling you where you need to study more, etc, and it wasn't even close to that.

    I'm just glad, thankful, relieved I passed! :roll
  2. by   jamie19
    Took my test on the 6th and still waiting for the results. My computer stopped at 85 and my mouth literally dropped. i didnt know what to think. It only took me about an hour and 15 mins to do the test and i probably was certain of 5 questions. Every other question i had was a medication I've never even heard of and i either chose diarrhea or constipation. I have no idea if i passed and i feel so discouraged. Towards the end of the test i started to get wrestless and didnt actually read questions through. i regret that part so much. now i few more weeks of torture to go and ill finally know my results. I've been up all night the past few weeks until like 3 in the morning just researching information about the test and statistics of passing or failing. Ive had a few dreams of passing and a few of failing but i really dont know what to believe. I just feel like my life is on hold until i know my results and i really hope to pass so i could leave my part time job and continue my life. i just hope and pray i pass.. reading all these bulletins, i dont think ive come across anyone failing at an 85.. does anyone know anyone that hasnt pass with an 85???
  3. by   YoungRN06
    [font=fixedsys] [font=system]i took the nclex last august i passed with 90 questions.i've noticed that most people with shorter tests tend to pass more that those with a longer test, but that is not always the case.saunders and kaplan helped me alot. its extremely hard to actually know how you did on the test, i thought i failed after i took it, and i've heard that they're raising the passing standards in april.
  4. by   eric909
    im with you jamie19, i took it on the 28th of february so i should know this week. i came out of that test feeling the same way. i had like ten meds and wasn’t sure on half of them because i never heard of them before that day. i studied alot for the nclex during the last six months of school. i used mosby's, saunders, and paid for online test prep course which i thought was very hard but none of them were similar to the nclex questions. the computer shut off after 85 for me and my girlfriend. so far from my class about 6 people took the test with 85?s and they all passed. i guess we will have to wait and see, i hope we all passed.
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  5. by   baylay
    Quote from jamie19
    It only took me about an hour and 15 mins to do the test and i probably was certain of 5 questions. Every other question i had was a medication I've never even heard of and i either chose diarrhea or constipation.
    The first student in our class to take it got a test similiar to yours and completed it in the same amount of time. She said there were about 40 meds on hers. I don't know if that's possible, but she thought for sure she failed. She didn't! She did the same thing and marked diarrhea/constipation for most. And she was an A student! Always finished first and was in the top 3 for most of our exams.

    I think we all feel the same way as you after. Try not to stress over it. It will get easier in the 2nd week of waiting! But I did the same as you, looking over the pass/fail rates, how they compute the score etc. over and over. Your emotions are on a roller coaster!

    I was the 2nd in my class to take it (I passed) then the 3rd, 4th and 5th students took it Thur. and got 205. You can drive your self crazy analyzing why they got that many, did I totally bomb it with 85, etc. And I couldn't even remember more than 3 or 4 ques. I knew were right. My mind was a big blank!

    I'm sure you did fine! Think positive, go on with your life (I know it's torture just sitting around waiting) You'll be in shock when you open that envelope and it says "you passed"! Then you can breath that huge sigh of relief! Hang in there!
  6. by   jamie19
    yeah same here.. i believe about 6 or 7 people have taken it in my class and they all passed with 85 questions. but they were alot smarter than me. I'm an average student and almost didnt pass one of the levels in my program. i was so lucky to have graduated. i didnt pass the ERI the first time and had to retake it about a month after graduation. so im hoping the nclex isnt the same. i really hope i dont have to go through it again. hopefully i get my results soon.. its just been killing me!!!
  7. by   kat7ap
    I felt well prepared for the NCLEX. I did not kill myself studying either, basically just did a review guide the week of the test. I felt my school's testing prepared me very well for the test. My test shut off after 85 questions, and I was 99% sure I had passed. Sure enough I did!

    I remember having a lot of pharmacology questions on it.
  8. by   poohbear73
    No, I do not have a job yet. Busy looking, but unless you have experience they don't wanna hire you. These are jobs for acute care. There are alot of SNF jobs, but I really want to work acute care. I posted my resume on monster, but not a whole lot of action. I have also sent my resume to a few hospitals. I was told I could apply for jobs since my name and license number are posted, however I can't work until in my possession. I honestly haven't checked my mail in like a week so I have no idea if I have the actual license yet. I got my results on a friday and by tues/weds my name was listed, however my friend who got her results the same day sent hers back a day after me and her name still isn't posted. Who knows. Just keep checking daily. It will pop up one day and it is such a nice sight to see your name on there.
  9. by   whiterfoam
    I finished my last nursing school class yesterday and am starting studying for the NCLEX. I have a couple of questions. The first is that I've heard that results are posted on-line the same day that you take the test. No/yes? Second. I've filed all my papers with the SON and with the state board. They are awaiting my NCLEX results. So, in some of these posts, it mentions a week or two wait until the license is issued. Why? Are there other papers to file?
    Finally, any other suggestions for how/what to study? This is what I've gotten so far: When in doubt mark diarrhea/constipation. Saunders and Kaplan was handy.
    Do think the multiple questions about pharmocology are because the test is adaptive and the first pharm questions weren't answered correctly. What about questions on maternity/pediatrics, malpractice/torte law, electrolytes, & pathophysiology?
    Thanks for any advice that you can provide!
  10. by   poohbear73
    It depends on what state you live in as to how fast you get your results. I have never heard of getting results the same day, but I know many states participate in fast results which usually takes two days. If you live in california, like myself, then you have to wait weeks to get your results. It is my understanding that all states other than california pay for their license before testing therefore you get your actual license very quickly. In california they send you a letter that you passed with a form to sign. You have to return your form with a license fee then wait another couple weeks for your license to be issued. So basically it all comes down to where you live.

    As far as studying goes..know your pharm, know your electrolytes, be very good in prioritizing which involves understanding the pathophysiology, know about isolotion and standard precautions. I had alot on OB and cancer. I have heard many say they had a few cancer questions. Know alot about patient teaching especially when it comes to pharm. I didn't have any legal questions or dosage questions. They did ask me some management skills like what time of day would you address an employee about a work issue. That kind of stuff. Hope this helps.
  11. by   jamie19
    just want to let everyone know i passed!!!! got my results yesterday and im so glad the torture of waiting is finally over. thank you so much for your support, this website has helped me so much!! i wish you all the best!!!
  12. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from jamie19
    just want to let everyone know i passed!!!! got my results yesterday and im so glad the torture of waiting is finally over. thank you so much for your support, this website has helped me so much!! i wish you all the best!!!
    Welcome, new nurse!!!!
  13. by   eric909
    i got mine today also im so happy its over with, now on to the next hurdle. i can't wait to share my experiences as a new nurse.