Mean to Orientees

  1. I have to admit that I, myself, have been very fortunate, but I have seen my peers that began orientation with me as being severely mistreated. My job sponsored several of us to become nurses by granting a full time leave with pay and paid our tuition, so, we were fortunate. Upon returning back to work, I was told that I would be returning to the clinic that I left (former position was patient care associate-a job very similar to medical assisting). I had to spend 6 weeks in med-surg and now, last week, I have returned to my clinic and am being oriented as a nurse in my old clinic.

    I had friends that worked on the med-surg floor I was assigned to, so, even those that were not interested in orienting me had not mistreated me, and the friendly ones showed me what they could. But, some of my collagues that were orientees on different floors were horribly treated. They were called stupid and lazy, one had a situation where they just sat her in a room for over an hour and was not given an assignment. She came out and reminded them, and it led to a big arguement where the ADN was called and they accused my friend of having a horrible attitude. What is most disgusting about this behavior is that the atmosphere is not safe for the new orientee or the patients. We have a two year contract to complete before we can leave and work elsewhere (if we leave before then, they can garnishee our checks for the salaries and tuition paid for our time out on educational leave). Again, I, personally, have not had a hard time, but my heart bleeds for my friends. Just venting my feelings...
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  3. by   nursekhat
    That's horrible. I'm going to be a new orientee sometime within the next week or so. I got hired on the spot after my interview and went to tour the facility with the D.O.N. and I could already feel the intimidation rush through my blood streams. Maybe the staff were too busy to smile or anything, but they did look mean and intimidating. Ahhhhh how scary. I don't want someone to tell me I'm stupid or forget that I'm there for them to orient as a new nurse. OMG how scary.
  4. by   HeatherLPN
    My first nursing job I had bad vibes as soon as I walked into the interview. I took the job anyways, b/c I needed to get working. I was miserable! The nurses were so hateful, the aides were not very nice, and management didn't manage much. I lasted a month.

    When I interviewed for my current job, everyone said hello while she took me around, asked me a little about myself, ect when the DON introduced me. I've been there ever since. It's nice to work somewhere that you aren't just a warm body with a license, that you're actually appreciated and supported in what you do.
  5. by   pagandeva2000
    It does not speak for patient safety when people walk around intimidated and tense. Again, I have not had the same experience, but just knowing that this is the treatment that people can expect to be treated makes me really think hard about leaving this place once my contract is over. I admit that my job was good to me, but it was because I simply did my work compared to the majority of them. Scary for a new nurse...
  6. by   Nicki_RN
    Wow, and we wonder why we are short staffed! I was leary about starting my new job because my Mom works there also on Nights as an RN, I thought people would snub me because "my mom works there" kind of attitude. But luckily they were all really helpful and very patient with me. Some weren't but I just kept trying to learn, and get the hang of things. I used to work in housekeeping at a different hospital, and funny how going from a housekeeper to an LPN changed everyone's attitude towards me. I hate that!