1. Does anyone know what the pay is for LVN's in Texas?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Hello! I'm a newer LVN who lives and works in Fort Worth, Texas. I currently earn $18.50 hourly at a nursing home. Hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth tend to pay very poorly, in the range of $13 to $16 hourly. I also have a PRN job at a psychiatric hospital at the pay rate of $16 hourly. DFW nursing homes tend to offer the highest hourly wages.

    If you work as an LVN in smaller cities such as San Angelo, Tyler, or Amarillo, the wages tend to be crappy. The large metropolitan areas of Dallas and Houston tend to pay well. San Antonio LVN pay is very low due to the number of nursing schools in the vicinity.
  4. by   sonja77
    Quote from thecommuter
    if you work as an lvn in smaller cities such as san angelo, tyler, or amarillo, the wages tend to be crappy.
    i agree!! the two hospitals here in san angelo start their new grad lvns at $11/hr. acls certification gets you 50cents/hr more. 1500-2300 differential: $1.30/hr, 2300-0700: $1.70/hr, weekends: $1.70/hr.
    several of my old class mates started prn in ltc and make $20/hr.
  5. by   babytee
    I live in Austin and I have been checking around on pay rates. I know that most of teh hosptails will start with no experience whatsoever at about 11-15/hr. The nursing homes always pay more and I have heard anywhere from 18-24/hr.
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    This may be a dumb question but what is ACLS certification?
  7. by   lovablelvn
    I live in Wichita Falls, which is smaller (about 120,000) and average pay in the Hospital is about $11, Assisted living community $13-14/hr or LTC is about $16-20/hr depending on shift. I work at an excellent Assisted living\retirement community and make $13/hr. I'm a fairly new nurse but have EXCELLENT benefits and most of the time at ALCs you are the only nurse for that shift so you are charge nurse. Its a pretty awesome job.:spin:
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    Quote from ct1tx
    this may be a dumb question but what is acls certification?
    [font="comic sans ms"]acute cardiac life support.
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    i have another dumb question what is ltc
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    Quote from Dawn12
    i have another dumb question what is ltc
    Long term care
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    Quote from Dawn12
    i have another dumb question what is ltc
    It stands for long-term care facility. LTCFs include nursing homes and rehab facilities.