LTC facility, can an LPN adjust TPN?

  1. I am in the great state of Florida. I am an LPN in a LTC facility. I have a new TPN pt. I work 11p-7a. His orders are at 6p to run at 100ml/hr for 1 hr, then adjust to for 10 hrs, then 100 ml/hr for 1 hr, then it comes down at 6am. I understand this. My question is can an LPN who is not IV certified adjust and take down the TPN? Or does it have to be an RN?? I asked my ADON... we called the Pharmacy and they said LPNs can but I thought I was taught NO LPNS could do anything with TPN?? Who is right??
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  3. by   xoemmylouox
    Anytime you have a question like this you need to ALWAYS call your BON.
  4. by   angelabLPN
    i dont see an 24/7 number unless I am blind
  5. by   katnurseswims
    If you need an IV certification in Florida and you don't have one, then don't do it. End of story. You are risking your license.
  6. by   DogWmn
    Call your BON right away - that's what they are there for. The scope of practice for LPN/LVN's is so varied from state to state the only way to get a reliable answer is from your BON.
  7. by   angelabLPN
    That's my question. Do I need to be IV certified to take it down? And as an LPN is adjusting allowed. No one seems to know the answer. I'm just confused.
  8. by   LeslieRN17
    Definitely call BON.
  9. by   angelabLPN
    Can anyone help me find a number for the Florida BON that is answering on the weekend. I've been searching.
  10. by   MombearNurse
    I found this discussion... hope it helps. I would still call your BON on Monday to clarify.
  11. by   Fiona59
    You've stated you are not permitted to touch IVs. End of discussion.

    TPN usually goes in a central line, well you shouldn't be taking it down.
  12. by   NyteshiftLVN
    I don't know about Florida, I'm in California, but there's no way I would carry out that order. I would make sure the RN took care of it. Just like all the other ones said if you have IV certifications in Florida AND you don't have yours PLUS peripheral vs. central lines I wouldn't touch it.
  13. by   pecanpies
    Your nurse practice act is here:

    Based on what pages 93-95 say, I would not carry out that order. It states on page 95 that for an LPN to administer anything through a central line, you must have special training. At least, that is my interpretation. Definitely call your BON, but use the practice act to back up your refusal in the meantime.
  14. by   frankie,RN
    Dont you have an RN nursing supervisor during the shift who could take a few minutes to adjust the rate?