LPN's aren't Real Nurses? (Whaa...)

  1. Hello all! I apologize if I put this in the wrong forum!

    I am currently researching schools so I can go for my LPN. In my quest, I encountered several articles online having to defend LPNs as being real nurses. Is this really a thing? Do some people really think LPNs aren't real nurses? I am so confused.

    I've worked as a CNA in multiple nursing homes before, and that thought has never crossed my mind. Of course they are real nurses!

    I was just wondering if any LPNs have encountered people thinking this. Please share your thoughts. I am really curious.
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  3. by   T-Bird78
    We are real nurses but there are some people, both laypersons and in the field, who only consider RNs nurses. I work in ambulatory care with several MA's, so I'm all the time getting the "are you really a nurse, and why do you work here instead of a hospital?" Then you have the opposite, where people call everybody in scrubs 'nurse', whether it's a CNA, MA, environmental services, rad tech, etc. Just remember what the N in LPN stands for--NURSE!!
  4. by   Aunt Slappy
    Worked with a couple RNs over the years who had really bad issues with pulling rank and being disrespectful towards LPNs, but they were generally crappy people. I've had members of the general public discount my advice because I'm a LPN and not a RN. But you just gotta let that crap roll off you, unless it becomes bad enough at work that management needs to step in. People are going to be awful, just ignore them as much as you can.
  5. by   darkbeauty
    I don't mind who thinks what, my W2s and 1099s speak for themselves whether I'm a valued skilled nurse or not.
  6. by   quiltynurse56
    You will meet people who say that. Don't let it get to you. You know otherwise.

    When people casually ask me what I do, I just tell them that I am a nurse.