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A Gentle Reminder..... Hello RN, it's me LPN. (Not JLPN..JUST an LPN.) Don't look behind you, I'm not there. Don't look down, I'm not there either. Look beside you, that's where I am. We're on... Read More

  1. by   jaelle
    Hey Brownie,

    I try to be a tolerant and kind member of any staff I'm a part of, but as a charge nurse my favorite thing to do to uppity RN's whether they are new grads or experienced nurses was to let them take total patient care until they adjusted their attitude. If an RN can't be a be a nurse...but only an RN, only a title, then they need some time in the trenches. If it burns them out before they learn their lesson....tough. Most of the nurses I've worked with would rather work short-staffed than work with a trouble-maker. Mito will find out that there is a vast gulf between clinicals and being on the floor. Mito will also learn that smart people gather knowlege from wherever they can. Mito obviously doesn't understand that it takes more than just an RN to give excellent health care. I've noticed that people who start in the medical profession as CNA's have one of two attitudes. They either remember where they came from....and treat ALL staff with respect....or they try to get even for all the disrespect they were shown when they were CNA's by being disrespectful to others. On the average those with the second attitude make really crappy nurses.
    It also gives us a reminder as nurses. Be kind to your CNA's. They may someday embarrass you to death when they become nurses and ask exactly like you have taught them to act.

    A nurse is a... nurse is a... nurse ia a... nurse is a... nurse is a... nurse.

    I hope that your friend does well with her internship here in the States. One of the best new grads I EVER worked with came from Canada. Unfortunately we lost her to a better hospital in Arizona.

  2. by   Brownms46
    Dear jaelle,

    I totally agree with your decision to allow a new grad who refuses to acknowledge the need to work as a team member, to bite them ...you know where..!

    Thank you for expression of concern for my friend. She is a good, caring...intelligent person. I feel she made the right decision...even though I know she wasn't eager to leave her country to find a supportive setting..
  3. by   live4today
    Hi Mito,

    There are many valuable lessons to be learned from those already in the field of nursing, and it isn't always what students or new grads wish to hear.

    One thing I learned right out of college was to "listen and observe" more than I talked. If you do not have the ability to listen and learn from those who have walked that path before you, then you will certainly fail in your efforts to become the best RN you can be.

    One of my all time favorite quotes is the following quote by Woodrow Wilson: "I not only use all the brains I have, but all the brains I can borrow."

    You have a great opportunity here on this BB to learn so much from nurses. Try to broaden your options by giving them a chance to share with you about nursing from a nurse's perspective, and not just from a student's perspective.

    And remember: Be careful how you treat someone as you climb that ladder to success. You may have to depend on them one day for your survival because "the climb" to success is much tougher than "the fall" from success. A Chinese Proverb that I know so well is: NEVER TROUBLE TROUBLE UNTIL TROUBLE TROUBLES YOU!!! It would be to your advantage to be open to the teachings laid before you by the "seasoned nurses" all around you, whether they be around you in the physical, or just those you get to read about on the nursing bulletin boards you may belong to. I wish you nothing but the best in your endeavors to become a wonderful nurse someday! God bless you!
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  4. by   Grace Oz
    MATE!!... Come on down to Oz, 'sunshine' & let us here in the land "down under" help you lose that unhealthy attitude you so sadly have!!... SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!....
    Obviously you've been affected by TOO much of that Northern Hemisphere air!!...
    You'd last 1 minute here in Australia with that attitude!!...
    Remember, people make choices for many & varied reasons.
    The choice to become an EN ( your LPN) is NOT indicative of a lesser brain!!...
    Is certainly NOT indicative of been a lesser human being!!..
    No wonder there's no pace on earth! How the hell can we expect peace on earth when people can't even treat their COLLEAGUES
    (yes, sunshine, you 'n' me ARE COLLEAGUES!) with respect!??!
    I'm sending you some of our pure, untarnished, wholesome Southern Hemisphere air!! Hope it helps clear your thinking & improves your attitude.
    Many best wishes in your future & never be afraid to learn from others, respect others or admit... you got it wrong!!
  5. by   leesonlpn
    Mito - I have nursed for 22 years. I have helped many an undergrad student with a nursing dilemma.I have much more nursing experience than you right now, as with the students. You better appreciate any wisdom demonstrated to you as a student, and hang your head in shame if you think you are "above" learning anything from a seasoned LPN. If florence were here she'd box yer ears and make you fill the coal bin.
  6. by   jaelle
    Well put leesonlpn...! Bravo!
  7. by   Mito

    I am sure the BSN students you delivered your gently reminder will benefit as much as I will from your vast experience and knowledge, I am truly humbled in your presence.

  8. by   leesonlpn
    Thank you, you may touch my cap.
  9. by   JMP

    You have surprised me. I have gone thru the EXACT same program you are now in and believe me......you have ALOT to learn. That is not a bad thing, so did I. So does everybody. The program you are in, is a BASIC program. The hospital enviroment is old fashioned. However, all of that said, we have to work with what we have and in that area, well unforunately, it is what you have. I am fortunate enough to have graduated, left for a larger hospital and have been LEARNING constantly since I left.

    I have learned from everyone. The hospital in the community just east of you that I work at, DOES NOT USE RPN's.
    Please check your attitude and realize that when you are done school, have written the RN's......it is only the BEGINNING. At least, that is the way I see it. I now work in a large ICU- and MAN I learn something every day....sometimes every hour. I hope it continues that way.....layer upon layer of knowledge builing constantly. That is called EXPERIENCE.
  10. by   GreytNurse
    Mito......where in sam hill do you live and plan to 'nurse'???????
    I want to make sure I'm NOT there.......geez you give 'potiental' nurses a bad name and 'new bsn's ' a worse name
    No offense, but I hope you DON'T pass boards......we don't need ego-maniacs caring for pateints who deserve good nurses.......

    Pooh on you!!!!!!!
  11. by   BigC
    I have to add one more thing here.....Being born canadian I'm embarassed for mito.....but also living in Canada ask any Canadian how they feel about their healthcare system....IT STINKS.....granted it's free.....most would rather die then go to a hospital....hummmmm wonder why........ok....done....
  12. by   Russ Dowling
    I think it's very encouraging to see both RNs and LPNs rising to the defense of ALL nurses.
  13. by   Grace Oz
    Hear Hear Russ, EXACTLY! Just goes to show, we REALLY all are much the SAME!... NURSES ARE NURSES ARE NURSES!!...
    As an aside, at work today, the young lass I worked with is wanting to go o/seas on a working holiday. She's an RN.
    Can anyone tell me why one of our young newly registered nurses CAN'T register to practise in either the US OR Canada??!...
    She told me today that it's something to do with not having done any paediatric or other 'specialist' nursing during her training at uni & subsequent Graduate nurse course ( in a major public hospital for 12 months) Here in Australia, you only specialise once you've graduated & have done the Grad. programme. Advise please?.... Ta.
    Cheers from Down Under. Special G'day to BigC! :-)