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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   LuvAnurse31
    Thanks for the info lpnflorida
  2. by   Magnolia08
    There are not many agencies in my city. I know one is called Global or Global Diagnostics. They will pay about $20/hr for LPN I think and require working experience.
  3. by   LuvAnurse31
    Thank you magnolia08
  4. by   GoosbyLPN
    My friend is a new nurse and live in the chicago area and she makes $24/hr as new LPN..she works nights and can't do overtime either that sucks...
  5. by   GoosbyLPN
    Anyone know anything about the metro Atlanta area? I'm willing to travel up to and hour if the pay is right. I also want to do LTC.
  6. by   Dayla
    Hi I live in Worcester, Mass my base pay as an LPN is 21.63 plus dif, so I make 22.88 on weekdays and 23.88 on weekends.. Not bad for an LPN with only 2 yrs exp. It is a private detox hospital so they pay alittle better than the local hospital. Downfall the benefits are not that good...
  7. by   mizzLVN
    Hi what part of southern CA do you live in?
  8. by   jimw
    Quote from easttennessee
    I live in eastern tennessee, working in LTC, new grad about 7 months, my first job i was making 13.25/hr 15min drive PRN, my second LTC job full time, decent single person benefits, making 14.00/hr, then I got a dollar raise plus .50cents shift differential for 2nd shift 15.50/hr about 30min drive, now I just started a new job about 45/min drive, wanted to start me out at 12.00 but got them up to 15.00, including .50 shift diff, but this LTC is in a very rural area and I really enjoy getting to know the residents and their lifestyles and life stories, I think doctors offices around here pay around 12-13, one nearby hospital starts around 14.00 but all the other hospitals are around 12-13 all of this is for <1 year experience
    what part of east tn are you from, i am north of knoxville
  9. by   NativePapillon
    Quote from blue chips
    :angryfire LPNs make $10.95 in oklahoma. :angryfire
    Uh, you've got be kidding...right? Is this LTC or hospital?
  10. by   JoAnnS
    I just applied to an ad for a LPN for $18.53 to start and I hope I get the interview. Its a little closer than the place I am working at and I need the more money
  11. by   CherrieMD
    I Work In Miami Florida As An Lpn... My First Job Fresh Out Of School... I Got A Good Job At A Clinic @ University Of Maimi Medical Campus... Paying $17 ... Mainly Paperwork And Vital Sign Assesments....
  12. by   Zouker
    I'm an LPN-A in charlottesville, VA... should be sitting for boards soon. I'm started at 17$/hr, but been promise $26 once I have my license, PRN. Full time's 18$/hour out here. Full time with benefits, PRN without.
  13. by   ocb_dave_ocb
    Quote from jimw
    what part of east tn are you from, i am north of knoxville
    East TN here too...
    Start out at $16 for days and $16.50 for nights, $17 weekend days and $17.50 weekend nights at our SNF