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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   rsslpn
    I graduated in 2005 and started at 16.50 + 1.00 shift diff in LTC, I am still at the same facility and am up to 21.85 plus the dollar diff. I have interviewd a few places recently and no one seems to be paying over 18.00 right now. I also interviewed in a pediatricians office last summer, they offered 12.36! I had to say NO to that! the place I currently am at seems to be about the highest paying in my area right now so it looks as if I will be staying a little longer as I am not willing to take that much of a pay cut right now.:bowingpur
  2. by   degraypoole
    Interested in knowing what the pay scale is in any and all areas of LVN employment in the DALLAS, TX area, esp. North Dallas. (New graduate). This will help me to know what sort of jobs/positions to apply for, or not to apply for! I appreciate your input.
  3. by   josinda421
    I know in baltimore maryland they pay anywere from 20-25$ to start at some LTC. I haven't passed the boards yet, but you bet that is the place I'll be going for that money.
  4. by   choices
    I started at $10.00 in 1981. I now make $22.00/hr. I do agency home health also at $24.00/hr. Oklahoma salary is based upon our cost of living also. But I believe all nurses should get paid more. I am considering moving to Canton Tx in the future.
  5. by   scrufnfluf
    I live in Texas and work in the dialysis field and make $18/hr.
    In the home hemo dialysis field I make $125 per patient.
    I was working in the home health field and was making $16 start and ended up making $18.50 at the end. I have been and LVN since 2003.
  6. by   Kashia
    Quote from drbob1dc
    I work in the SF bay area(CA). I work in the ED at Kaiser Fremont and per diem at a Sutter Trauma hospital in Castro Valley. LVN's make 30-35 an hour in the acute care hospitals, less at ltc's. The sad news is this, LVN's in acute care are going the way of the dinosaur. Either by lay-off or attrition they are being reduced. RN's in the bay area are making 50-70 an hour,-perhaps the highest rate in the country. The good news is I will be an RN soon.
    What is the going the way of the dinosaur is how universities continue to
    sell their RN/BSN programs ...not by means of their own standing and merit, but by
    degrading LVN/LPN titles. Now that is old school.
  7. by   BabyGirl75NY
    I just passed my boards a few months ago and got hired for my first LPN job at $17.60/hour plus shift differential @ a LTC facility. I am full time w/ benefits. This is in Dutchess County NY. The hourly rate would have been more if this wasn't my first nursing job. :heartbeat
  8. by   skeeter96
    does anyone now what the pay rate is for lpn's in charlotte nc
  9. by   enlsoaps
    Hi everyone Just join Allnurses.com Find the comments intresting I am Lpn in LTC for 19 Years in New York looking to relocate anyone know about the working field in GA and pay scale making 26.at the moment including diff for 3rd shift.:typing
  10. by   Alibaba
    any idea on pay rates for lvns in denver co?
  11. by   BCCnurse
    I work at a school in MS teaching MA's making 16.41 HR.I left a job in October at a Midwifery clinic making 14.50 HR .Been nursing 8 years and in this area other than the LTC facilities, this is the highest paid job so far.
  12. by   alpha_dog
    I'm from Northern California. I just graduated in Dec 2007 and got my first job at a Sub Acute Pediatric Facility. I've been working there for about 2 months now. The base pay for new grad LVN's at my facility is $23.75. You get 9% shift differential for working PM shift (my shift) and 12% for working NOC shift.
  13. by   JenRN03
    In MPLS/ St Paul the starting wage is about $22/hr in home care, they dont hire LPN's in the hospitals here, clinic jobs are about 16-17$/hr, LTCF 18-19$/hr... and there are alot of jobs here for both LPN's and RN's...