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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   SK_LPN
    I passed my boards last summer and took a job in the hospital and made 16/hr. I now work in a state facility w. start at 14.
  2. by   Jemi
    I am an LPN , I work in PA and NJ. My PA job which is per diem and 5min over the bridge in PA pays $22 an hr. My other in NJ is an hour away from my house but pays $30 an hr per diem. I am getting with another agency that will put me in facilities in PA about 15-20 min from my home they will pay $25-28 depending where they send me. The good thing about my $22 an hr job is they have paid for everything, my physical, TB tests, background checks and have recently paid to IV cert me. Next week they are certifing me in wound vacs. So of course I stay with them for the positives and put in my requirements, then pick-up cases with the other agencies hear and there for extra money. You know the rate of pay will never be equal to the work we do.
  3. by   SueNYC
    Jemi---Im curious.. what type of facilty is each place you work in ?
  4. by   mewmeow
    Staff LPN working in LTC Western Iowa making $16.85. Agency pays $20.00. Loved it but couldn't continue with the cancellations.

    4 years ago worked in Western suburbs Chicago, Staff LPN LTC making $18.00 working 3/12's and 1/8hr.

    Planning on taking my first assignment in Travel this August.
    Just starting to investigate different agencies.
  5. by   bek1014
    Anyone know about the pay rates in the Triangle area of North Carolina??
  6. by   firechick27
    I am a new grad in California in a hospital. med surg and make 14.95
    most hospitals will not hire you around here as a new grad
  7. by   flasandy42
    I just retired from 25 years in the same hospital in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and I only made $17 + $4 an hr for working EVERY weekend. I now work part time in home health and make $17 doing shifts. The sosuth has always been known for low pay. Kinda sad isn't it....lol.
  8. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    Quote from firechick27
    I am a new grad in California in a hospital. med surg and make 14.95
    most hospitals will not hire you around here as a new grad
    What part of California, are you in a rural area?
  9. by   savanah
    I am reading the responses to the questions on wages around the country. I live in New Jersey near the Atlantic City area. I work Agency in LTC facilities with salaries ranging anywhere from 24-29 an hour depending on shifts. Not many of the hospitals hire LPN's anymore. The only way you are going to make any money is working in a nursing home. The patient load is herendous. Anywhere up to 35 patients. On an average I would say most facilities at any given time have at least 40% of the staff being agency nurses. Maybe one RN in the building working on the floor. The rest are cooped up in their offices or in supervisory positions that aren't really patient related. We do the admissions, the meds, the treatments, call the doctors, charting and supervise all the ancillary staff. I have been doing this for 16 years, starting out at around 7.75. RN's in hospitals would refuse to take the assignments that we deal with on a daily basis. We should be making more money than we do, but the bottom line is the only way you are going to make the big bucks is if you get the R next to the N.
  10. by   NurseyTee
    I work in the Cincinnati area currently in LTC at the rate of $21.50 with the possibility of a rate increase in 90 days. I was working in Home Health at the rate of $22 for shift work and $35 for a 30 min. max. home visit, but I was so sick of the feast or famin of home health. You're either working 7 days a week or not at all for weeks on end. So I've had my fill of Home Health. I did it for 7 yrs and I'm done now, I'm on to greener pastures. So how do I change my name on here now? or am I stuck with the one I have?
  11. by   saintsgirl22
    I'm an LVN in an assisted living facility and am the only nurse, I make $24.00/hr here, and while working before that just as a Phlebotomist I was making $17, + .75 for PM diff, oh this is for Sacramento, CA.
  12. by   saintsgirl22
    Yeah, HI! I live in NorCal and the pay here is much better then in most places. I currently make $24/hr as a brand new LVN. Hope that helps!
  13. by   smitty80
    LPN's in Saskatchewan Canada, are one of the highest paid in Canada, and the cost of living is cheap in this province. We just signed a new agreement and starting wage for LPN's in Saskatchewan will be around $23 CND an hour.