1. Everyone is saying that there is a nursing shortage going on. There really seems to be a CNA shortage around South West Iowa instead. These facilities are hiring LPN's, then putting them on the floor to work as CNA's. They don't list that in the job description when they hire us and they don't ask us if we are willing to work as CNA's either. I don't mind helping out when I'm needed but, we all worked really hard to get our nursing licenses and pass the board exam(not to mention the debt we incurred in the process). More and more I am seeing that LPN's get no respect. It feels like they are being phased out and they certainly don't get paid enough for all that they have to put up with. Because of this treatment I am now in school finishing my RN requirements. Is anyone else seeing these trends where they work?
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  3. by   pagandeva2000
    Not really from where I live, but, they are placing more limits on what the LPN can do. From an experience I had today, I see that RNs don't really get the respect, either, but I can see why a person who desires to would move on.
  4. by   kat7ap
    I don't at all see that happening where I live. Nursing homes have general staffing problems and high turnover rates, be it with LPN's, RN's and CNA's.
  5. by   MsLady06
    Its a ladder of respect. I dont care if one does not like my title as long as you dont disrespect me then its fine. Stop worrying about the opinions of others respecting you. People are going to think what they want. As long as your happy with your title and doing good financially dont let the whole respect thingy bother you. I see Rn's and Dr's who turn their nose up to CNA and LPN.. tough noogies...a lot of times its personal with them too..maybe afraid your making good money...lol too bad

    Phasing out is a different story, atleast to me. No I dont feel LPN's are being phased out in the tri state area. Openings are big! At one point the hospitals were phasing them out but seems things are changing.
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  6. by   niteshiftlvn07
    IMO you need to stand up for yourself. you're right !! you didnt spend all of youre time and money to get your lvn license and then get a job as a cna :trout: :angryfire !!?? Talk to the don/nurse manager/administrator because while youre changing diapers,emptying trash, and bathing people I'm sure youre still responsible for all of your pt.s as A NURSE!! The cna's are working under your license.your facility should only employ you as an lvn. It's ok for you to answer some call lights occasionally and to work with all the staff as a team. *NOTE TO SELF---You cant move forward while walking backwards!!!