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  1. I got my LPN Feb 2011, so it's been slightly over 5 yrs. I've seen several posts regarding continuing education, & just a feeling of being stagnant, & I feel that's EXACTLY where I am. I just recently moved back to Columbia, MO & am in need of a nurse mentor to help push me out of my comfort zone, & help get me back on the right track in continuing my education. I was in a bridge program back in 2013, but withdrew, as the program was new, & too unorganized, lacking what I need to learn to the best of my ability. Does anyone know of nurses (RNs) in the area that would be a good mentor, or even best place to go to find a good mentor in the area?
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  3. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    I don't understand the need for a mentor? If you want to go back to school, just do it! It sounds as though that's exactly what you'd like, why the need for someone to tell you this?
  4. by   xoemmylouox
    I would ask your employer if they have anyone who likes to be one. I was a mentor at my last employer. I loved it. I got nothing financially out of it, but enjoyed helping others.
  5. by   ShanRaneA7
    It's more navigationally focused. In other words, getting the best route to where I'm heading, based off my personal/financial/career/educational needs. Who better to help than someone who's been there themselves. Also, it'd be great to network, & get nursing connections.
  6. by   ShanRaneA7
    Great idea. Thank you for your response
  7. by   Saraz23
    I'm constantly bored around year three or four lol. I always end up taking a job that I have no idea how to do but seems like a good idea. I have learned many specialized aspects of nursing this way. Just search around and go for something totally offbeat. I was hired as an employee health nurse 3 yrs out of school!! I had 700 staff members and had never given a TB test in my life! I was terrified! 😂 Needless to say I stayed 7 years and loved it! I ended up being involved in projects and groups I had never thought I would be qualified for!
    Just try something new! You never know what you may find! Good luck to you!
  8. by   ShanRaneA7
    Thanks for that advice! I started travel nursing in August, & my life has done a total 180. I've been traveling places I never thought I would. I got hooked up with an AMAZING company for some community service type travel called ISL when I went to the Vegas TravCon (travelers conference) this Sept., & will be going to Belize to help out & learn. I feel like I'm finally back on the right path!
  9. by   Tima,RN
    I was fed up at 6 months of being an LPN. Lpn used to be nursing but now in my area we are becoming more limited everyday and a lot of times i feel more like a glorified CNA. They take more and more autonomy , if we ever truly had any , every year. I was lucky to have work in an LTACH where its more of a med surge unit. I pushed my self to go back to school and get my RN and i just finished . Is well worth it .!!!! After being an LPN for 2 years I was ready for change but the job market is so limited for LPN. If you get a fun job , you can't pay the bills with it. Almost instantly Im charging at the same facility that I have currently been an employee with for the past to years. You get a different level of respect thats for sure. I have 2 children and drove 68 miles to and from school each day , on my LPN salary , 3days a week. If you want it just get back in a program and make it work.