Issues with penmanship (Signature)

  1. Hello everybody,
    I am from southern california. I work at a nursing facility in the sub acute station. I am really buffled with my clinical coordinator for the past two weeks. She had an issue with the way I do my signature on my nursing notes. She told me to only write my first and last name when I do my signature. She also gave me a warning that If she see's it again. She will write me up. I don't understand why? My signature has been thesame since I was 12yrs old. The board accepted my signature, DMV accepted my signature, joing the navy accepted my signature, and I voted with my signature. So is this even an issue I have to worry about?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Perhaps you should call your nursing board and inquire about this. Ask them what they consider to be a legal signature. You need to make sure that your signature meets the board's standards and legal standards (think lawsuit defense).
  4. by   Corpsman90650
    Who are you? You seem to know a lot of this legality stuff. I just mention the board accepted my signature. So should I continue to do it?
  5. by   caliotter3
    I'm just a nurse who frequents this board. Why do you ask? If your board accepts your signature then what is the problem? You need to write your signature the way you were told at work or convince them otherwise. Nobody here is going to tell you much different.
  6. by   canoehead
    You coordinator is totally wrong and a jackass for making this an issue. BUT you don't need extra stress at your job. Just do it the way she wants it and she'll move on to irritate someone else.
  7. by   morte
    what is the conflict? what are you doing (and have done) that is different than the boss is requiring? my concern would be that if you alter it to fit the boss's wishes, it may not be your "legal" signature......that you have established over time......
  8. by   Corpsman90650
    dat is what im saying. It's a conflict with my legal signature because she want's me to change it. Isn't this like an identity conflict?