I need help passing NCLEX-PN

  1. I'm so happy for you that you passed the NCLEX. I wish I was in your shoes. I live in Minnesota. I graduated in Dec 2006. I took the NCLEX exam twice but failed. This made me more depressing. The first time I got 192 questions, but the second time, I got only 85 questions. I thought that I was gonna pass for sure the second time, but to my surprise I didnot. This is killing me. I really want to pass the test. I went thru Mosby's, Kaplan, Saunders & Lippincott books but never worked much on the cd's. So this time I thought that I should work more on the Cd, so I'm taking one test a day. I got my work permit recently but now I'm in a position where I cannot do anything until I pass. I really don't like working as a CNA. Can anyone please tell me any jobs that I can do without having a license. Also let me know if there are any LPN jobs in Minnesota that I can do without taking care of patients...for example like in a office typing patient data, etc...
    Also give me suggestions/advices how to study for the test. I feel like a big burden on my shoulders. I'm anxiously waiting for the day of relief. Honestly at one point I felt like God was not helping me at all. I don't know what to thing....this is killing me and making me very sad. I want to be happy and enjoy life like my friends do.
    Also can you tell me the salary for LPN's in Minnesota if you have any clue. Some of my friends earn like 16$/hr. I feel bad when I think of them beacuse, V all studied in the same school and almost everyone passed the 1st time. I guess I'm the only one in this position. Please help me guys....please pray for me.....I don't want to spend my time sitting idle and getting depressed. I want to work like my friends . I want to get busy too. I'm married for 4 years and didnot plan too have kids because of my studies. Now it's becoming too late. I really want to pass for sure this time and have kids. The only reason I thought was, if I have kids, I cannot concentrate on my studies.
    I guess u guys know what I'm going thru.....kindly help!!!
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    I feel really bad for you. What helped me was a website called Peterson online testing. Google that and take the PN NCLEX test for $24.95. It sounds like you have problems with critical thinking. I also purchased the book Nclex PN Made Incredibly Easy. The first several pages gave great tid bits on how to analyze and critical think questions. For example. When prioritizing care remember the ABC's Airway, breathing and circulation. If a patient is not breathing then there is no point in continuing care, so pick the patient who is having difficulty breathing. Also remember safety and Maslows Hiearcy of needs. Food and shelter are essential. you must address these needs before you go any further in nursing care. Go and buy the book and take the online test and understand the rationales. Good Luck!
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    ThankQ so much......
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    I am sorry to hear that you were unsuccessful the first two times you sat for NCLEX. You may need to read some strategy books, such as Kaplan's Strategy for Success for NCLEX-PN. I don't think that there are many positions for LPNs that do not include patient care; those that do require some experience especially in either med-surg or long term care.

    I wish you the best for the next time you take your exam.
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    Quote from waterfalls
    Also let me know if there are any LPN jobs in Minnesota that I can do without taking care of patients...for example like in a office typing patient data, etc...
    While I don't specifically know about Minnesota, I do know that there are LPN jobs in existence that don't involve patient care. However, these positions are hard to find, and are usually given to people who have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of experience with bedside and patient care. It is rare for a new grad LVN/LPN in my area to land a job that involves no patient care. Heck, even new grad RNs typically aren't going to find a job away from the bedside.

    Here are a few LPN jobs that involve no patient care...but they do require several years of experience. In other words, you must do your time in the 'trenches.'

    1. LPN Case Manager
    2. LPN-ADON (assistant director of nurses)
    3. Clinical Research Coordinator
    4. LPN Director of Admissions
    5. Director of Staff Development
    6. Staffing Coordinator
    7. Instructor (teaching CNAs and MAs)
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    The process I used seemed to work since I just passed on my first try.

    Here's what you need to do first
    Buy these books:

    1. NCLEX-PN Questions & Answers Made Incredibly Easy
    2. Lippincott's Review for NCLEX-PN
    3. Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-PN
    4. Straight A's in Nursing Pharmacology

    Getting the latest edition of these is probably best

    Our process that worked with about 97% of our school was to basically do 200 questions a day. You start with your best subjects in Incredibly Easy since it's the easiest. Then move onto the next easiest book which would be Lippincotts on the same subject and lastly, do the questions in Saunders, also on the same subject. After all that, you should be an expert on that subject! Grade yourself on every test you take...read all your rationales...just to warn you, when you start out, you will be getting around the 50 or 60 percents. Don't give up...the more you do it, the better your scores will get. After you finish all the subject specific tests, move on to the comprehensive tests. And once you are scoring in the 80's...you should be ready! I followed this process exactly and I passed at 85 on the NCLEX-PN, which is really good. Do this for about 6 weeks or until youve done about 6000 questions. So, say you do 200 a day for 5 days a week....give yourself two days for rest...then you have done 1000 questions a week.

    When you finish one subject, start on the next one and do the same thing.

    With each subject you do, try studying the pharma on that subject also. It helps to incorporate it in. Read the pink part of the Straight A's in Pharma, and take the test at the end. If you get below a 70%, then read the whole white part.

    DO NOT skip pharma. That's probably THE most important thing on the test. I got over a dozen med questions on it. Thank god I studied it.

    One more good book for pharma if you have time is Pharmacology Made Easy for NCLEX-PN. It's self explanatory. Read it and do the questions pretty much.

    That's really all you need, is just to do question after question and know the rationales for them. It's going to be a lot of work, nursing is not easy...but I wish you luck and I hope my advice comes in handy!