how much do lvn make

  1. hi everyone, i am starting my lvn program in jan 08, i wanted to know how much do lvn make , right out of school, but in Austin,Tx
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    The LVN job market is rather tough in Austin. The LVN pay in Austin ranges from $12 to $14 hourly in hospitals, and $14 to $16 in nursing homes. There's an oversupply of nurses in Austin, which causes the wages to be low. In addition, it takes a long time to find a job in Austin, even for an RN.
  4. by   niteshiftlvn07
    I work as an lvn in austin, tx. LVN starting salaries vary by employer.
    Here's a sample:

    Agency- 18-25/hr
    LTC/Nursing home- 17-23/ hr (may offer sign on bonus$1,000+)
    dr. office/clinics- 13-17/hr (depends on exp.)
    HOSPITALS- 13+/HR-(Depends on exp.- earn more PRN)
    State/Gov Facilities- 2600/month plus state benefits

    Hopefully once you graduate the starting salaries will have gone up. The need for nurses in this area will increase. Job opportunities for LVN's in hospital's may decrease, but there are enough lvn jobs available in other areas to handle future nursing school grads.Not all nursing grads will stay in austin/ some facilities continuously hire nurses(turn over)/many older nurses are retiring/ etc... GOOD LUCK IN NURSING SCHOOL!!!
  5. by   BigB
    Depends where you work as an LVN.
    In California the rate is about $23/hr for nursing homes
    $32 an hour for agency work (no benefits whatsover).
    As an MTA/LVN I make $30/hr now, and top out at $36 +/hr in 3 years.
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  6. by   mymy#1nurse
    where at in ca looking 4 a job new grad
  7. by   caliotter3
    Soledad Prison is usually looking for MTAs.